Konya Islamic Solidarity Games 2022
Tajikistan: Equal Respect for Heritage and Progress

Among the 37 delegations present in Konya at the 5th edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games, is the ...

Konya Islamic Solidarity Games 2022
The Legacy of Presence

In Konya in central Turkiye there is something special happening.

Athlete Stories
Ai Tsunoda Roustant: “Really Happy, Really Tired, Really Alive.”

At twenty years old, already Ai Tsunoda Roustant has spent a whole life in judo.

“We Are Part of the Evolution”

Refereeing at an event such as the European Youth Olympic Festival is an honour, one not undertaken lightly ...

EYOF First
Playing Games

This week alone has been crammed full of news from Games upon Games.

Self-Control: How We Learn

Much is made of the need to be controlled on the tatami, not just in a technical sense but in an emotional ...

The Fan

Everyone has passions but from time to time we also have surprises, pleasant ones.

The Language of Champions

The entire world has seen Shohei Ono win two Olympic golds, world championships and deliver ippon against ...

Athlete Stories
Thirteen Weeks and Counting

Zagreb, in the centre of Europe, hosted a special liaison this weekend.

São Paulo IBSA Grand Prix Day 2: the Comeback of Nicolina Pernheim

The star of day 2 was undoubtedly Nicolina Pernheim.

Judo in Schools
School Judo in Namibia Crosses Borders

Each year the South Africa Judo Open attracts judoka from not only the host nation but also several neighbouring ...

European Championships for Cadets
To Perfect Oneself

We have read Jigoro Kano’s philosophy about always striving to perfect oneself in order to then contribute ...