Eteri Liparteliani: A Pioneer

Her story began in Svaneti, a mountainous region of Georgia around 400km from its capital Tbilisi.

A Sport of Opposition

We push so we can pull. We aim to trip people, to bring them down with efficiency, strength and skill ...

Judo in Schools
Nicaragua Sets the Example

A few weeks ago, in February, we presented the Judo in Schools programme launched in Nicaragua within ...

Hands on, with Blandine Pont

Having won two grand slams back to back, Blandine Pont has made big waves both in French judo and the ...

Judo for Peace
Judo Keeps Showing Solidarity

As war continues to rage in Ukraine, claiming the lives of thousands and throwing millions more on the ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
A Born Teacher (7)

As judoka, we see Jigoro Kano above all as the founder of our sport and that's normal, as he dedicated ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The Influences (6)

In order to understand a little more about what prompted Jigoro Kano to found the Kodokan and create ...

Judo for Peace South Africa
A Busy Month

2023 started on a very high note, with the judoka coming back to the dojo with enthusiasm, showing interest ...

Jigoro Kano, Who Was He Really?
The Synthesis (5)

We now know where Jigoro Kano was from, what his roots were and in what social environment he grew up. ...

Julien Goes Around the World (11)

For the 11th episode of my journey around the world, I'll take you to Bangladesh, which is the 29th ...

Join Us for a Day in the Life of Catarina Costa!

Catarina Costa opened the doors of her house and her city to us.

Women's Day
Female Coaches in Judo

More and more female coaches are joining the judo family. Discover why.