The Passionate President

The President of the Mongolian Judo Association is one of the most engaged and animated federation leaders ...

Athlete Stories
Vieru: More Than Everyone’s Favourite Technician

There are athletes we can recognise simply from a movement, from a style, those who strike us because ...

Athlete Stories
Revenge is a Big Word

A quarter-final against one of the host team judoka saw a confident Shady dispatch his opponent in a ...

Keiji Suzuki: The Right Speed

In the world of judo, Keiji Suzuki is a high-displacement motorcycle.

Athlete Interview
The Toughest Decision a Judoka Can Make

Raz Hershko, a name that seems familiar but also somewhat distant.

No Gold Medal, No Stop

"It was a collective failure." Rustam Orujov says it without acrimony, no rancour in his voice and no ...

Distria Krasniqi
Expresso Interview

The door opens and Distria Krasniqi appears. She has travelled all night to Baku and she is fresh as ...

Tony Walby Sees Beyond the Difficulties

The World Judo Day will be tomorrow and today was the second day of the Kata World Championships.

A Matter of Adaptation
The International Masters Bremen

During the last week, most have been focussed on the World Championships for Veterans in Lisbon but there ...

Stories From Paris
Dany Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes is a name well known in France and beyond.

Stories From Paris
Loretta: the Grandmother of Judo

In Paris we have a wealth of judo royalty gathering, some working, some competing, some spectating.

Stories From Paris
It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

When an event has been this strong for half a century, the available stories and memories of interest ...