Tbilisi GS 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 2: Judo is Hard but Judo is Also Amazing!

Tina Trstenjak, as an Olympic champion, a world champion, a European champion, is supremely qualified ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
Keldiyorova, “It Looked Easy Because We Already Did So Much Work”

Diyora Keldiyorova is 24 but already has a long career behind her and with no sign of stepping back.

Tbilisi GS 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Combining Passion With Education

Pino Maddaloni is one of Italy’s national treasures, an Olympic champion and now an IJF Referee Supervisor. ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
Is There a Secret?

Is there a secret to the success of Georgian judo? This is the question that can be asked sincerely when ...

Eteri Liparteliani: A Pioneer

Her story began in Svaneti, a mountainous region of Georgia around 400km from its capital Tbilisi.

Carlos Zegarra Presser: Empowering the First

Carlos Zegarra Presser has a broad and challenging remit within the world’s judo family.

Hands on, with Blandine Pont

Having won two grand slams back to back, Blandine Pont has made big waves both in French judo and the ...

Julien Goes Around the World (11)

For the 11th episode of my journey around the world, I'll take you to Bangladesh, which is the 29th ...

Athlete Stories
Maria Portela: a Courageous Career

It’s March 2023 and a stalwart of the Brazilian team has made the hardest decision of her career, to ...

Athlete Stories
Prisca Awiti Alcaraz: A Wonderful Place to be In

Prisca Awiti Alcaraz (MEX) lives in the UK but with a Kenyan dad and a Mexican mum, she is truly a global ...

Women's Day
To Be Strong and in Harmony

Larisa Kiss is a key figure in the International Judo Federation.

Women’s Day
Laura Di Toma: I Fought With My Elbows

Despite a silver medal in New York at the first Women’s World Championships in 1980, there was no Olympic ...