Tbilisi GS 2024
Lipo Says Goodbye and Georgia Celebrates its Champions

During the second day of competition of the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2024, the Georgian public had the joy ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
Fair-Play and Spectacular Judo, This Is What You Find in Georgia

Georgian Judo and its many achievements and successes no longer need to be presented.

Judo TV
Why Should You Watch JudoTV?

If the dream of every judoka is to be physically present in each of the venues in which the World Judo ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
-70kg: Matic Enjoys Her Day

Through the first couple of rounds the top 4 of the category, Van Dijke (NED), Matic (CRO), Teltsidou ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
-81kg: Teenage Gold

The highest ranked athlete of the group, Francois Gauthier Drapeau was penalised out of contention early ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
-73kg: Shavdatuashvili, a Legend, a Hero

We witnessed an extraordinary day in the -73kg category.

Tbilisi GS 2024
Preview: The Final Day Offers Much in Tbilisi

The third and final day of competition in Georgia comes with a great deal of expectation.

Tbilisi GS 2024
Georgia Celebrates its Hero

The World Judo Tour competitions are celebrations of modern judo, that which currently excites us because ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
-63kg: World Number One Beauchemin-Pinard Confirms in Tbilisi

We can begin by taking a look at the journey of Dena Pohl (GER).

Tbilisi GS 2024
The Importance of Knowing the Rules

Judo is a sport with very simple principles, child-friendly we could say, as the goal of the sport is ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
A Hard Time for Number One Seeds in Tbilisi

We noticed it during the first day of competition of the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2024 and at the beginning ...

Tbilisi GS 2024
-57kg: Eteri Wins in Every Way

Seven of the 8 seeded athletes reached the quarter-finals, a pretty strong indication of the level of ...