Catching up with Georgian great Shota Khabareli in Tbilisi
The man behind the Khabareli

There a many ways a champion can be remembered. One of the most unique is to have a technique named after ...

Tbilisi Grand Prix Trailer

From March 29-31, Tbilisi in Georgia will be the Judo World Capital.

Ekaterinburg Grand Slam Preview
5 Must-See Preliminary Round Clashes

The stars of the IJF World Judo Tour are out in force at the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam this week but joining ...

5 Things To Get Excited About At #JudoDüsseldorf2019

#JudoDüsseldorf2019 countdown

Talking points from Tel Aviv
5 key takeaways from the European Championships

Talking points from Tel Aviv from the three-day Euro's in Israel

Hunting for gold
Georgian and Ukrainians heavyweights under the spotlights

The IJF World Judo Tour resumes this weekend with the Tbilisi Grand Prix 2018 and we have singled out ...

Tbilisi Grand Prix
At the Georgian Judo School

They are already hard to defeat in normal times and will be even tougher next weekend; we of course want ...

20 key storylines for #JudoWorlds2017 with 20 days to go

20 for 20 – The IJF presents 20 key storylines for #JudoWorlds2017 as Tuesday 8 August marks 20 days ...

Tbilisi Grand Prix 2017, DAY3 - NEW GENERATION

While the tatami of the Tbilisi Grand Prix are ​​still shaking with the last ippon scored by the ...

Tbilisi Grand Prix 2017, DAY2 - BEYOND GLORY

With a stocky silhouette and cauliflower ears, there are no doubts, David KEVKHISHVILI is a judoka of ...

Tbilisi Grand Prix 2017, DAY1 - PRESTIGE IS BACK

Tbilisi, in the collective imagination of the judoka of the whole world, has a place apart.


For the fourth time in history, during the next three days, all eyes will be focused on Tbilisi, the ...