The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (24): Ilias Iliadis (GRE)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers thought-provoking words and ...

WJC -DOHA 2023
France Came Close But Japan Are the World Mixed Team Champions Again

The team event has long been a highlight of the world judo championships, especially so since the mixed-team ...

WJC - Doha 2023
Challenge 2020: A Factory of Champions

Georgia is currently in second place in the nations ranking at the World Judo Championships - Doha 2023. ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
Georgia Celebrates a Job Well Done

At the beginning of day 3 only Serbia, Mongolia or perhaps Germany or Uzbekistan looked capable of topping ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
+100kg: Zaalishvili Loves to Throw and Throw He Did!

In the heaviest category of the competition, the top half of the draw respected the world’s ranking ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
+78kg: Hershko Illustrates Her World Number Two Position With a Gold Medal

Oh things haven't been easy for Raz Hershko! Seeded number one, she nevertheless started the tournament ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
-100kg: This Sulamanidze Is Someone to Remember

In the second men's category of the day there was already a second chance for a gold medal for the host ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 3: Ethics and Transition

The world's first ever non-Japanese Shidoin, for the benefit of all the judo family, continues to work ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
-78kg: Wagner Had a Plan, a Plan to Win!

When we observe the World Judo Tour journey of Alice Bellandi (ITA) in recent months, we can only be ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
-90kg: Bekauri Brings a First Gold Back Home for Georgia

The Georgian party was announced and it took place.

Tbilisi GS 2023
Judo Is the Best Travel Agent!

The World Judo Tour is a fantastic travel agency. Said like this, it may seem a little trivial, and yet, ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
The Youngest Member of the Team

At every World Judo Tour event there are dozens of volunteers, on top of the core staff, referees, local ...