Salima Souakri Encourages the Youth

In early June 2024, Salima Souakri, IJF Development Director and member of the IJF Executive Committee, ...

Equality in Sport
Ryoko Tani: the Importance of Judo for Women and For All

The movement towards gender equality has been a hot topic, one way or another, for centuries.

Athlete Stories
Margaux Pinot: I'm At Peace

In 2021 Margux Pinot, already a European champion, Paris Grand Slam medallist and world bronze medallist, ...

Gender Equality
Self-Defence for Women: Everything Is Possible!

On 23rd May, while the judo competition was unfolding at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi, the IJF was ...

Abu Dhabi Worlds 2024
Self-Defence and Competition Are Just Two of the Many Faces of Judo

The individual competition at the Abu Dhabi World Championships 2024 was rounded out in style on day ...

A Samurai in Abu Dhabi

Everyone remembers Shin Koyamada in The Last Samurai, an epic period action drama film directed and produced ...

Kate Corkery Sets the Example for Women in Judo

Among all the presidents of national federations and continental unions present in the Emirates for the ...

Antalya GS 2024
Sanda Corak Has Many Reasons to Enjoy Judo

Dr Sanda Corak, is the president of the Croatian Judo Federation, an IJF EC member as Education Director, ...

International Women's Day 2024
Judo Offers an Inclusive Environment

Larisa Kiss has been involved with international judo for many years.

International Women's Day 2024
Judo Girls Rock!

8th March marked International Women’s Day (IWD) and was a chance to reflect on and celebrate the achievements ...

International Women's Day 2024
From Linz to Oradea

Inspired by the International Judo Federation, which yesterday celebrated International Women’s Day ...

International Women's Day 2024
Japan and France Celebrate IWD

As the Upper Austria Grand Prix is unfolding in Linz, the judo family also gather together on the other ...