Climate Action
Watch This Space!

The state of the planet and the consequences of global warming on our lives are subjects that greatly ...

Climate Action
Antalya and Upper Austria Serve as Models to Reduce Environmental Impact

As part of its policy of preserving the environment and raising awareness of the issue of global warming, ...

Climate Action
The IJF Acts to Fight Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are no longer in doubt.

Judo and Environmental Education at the Heart of the Sergei Judo Camp

The 8th Sergei Judo Camp has just opened in Fiesch, Switzerland in the presence of participants from ...

Climate Champions
Hajime Is Planted

The day after the closing of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam, a team from the IJF and the Mongolian Judo Association ...

Happy #EarthDay2023 from the Judo family!

Let's harness the values of our sport to work together and create a better future for generations to ...

GS Hungary 2022
First IJF World Tour Carbon Neutral Event

The International Judo Federation has set as one of its organisational objectives to implement various ...

Judo Celebrates Earth Day

We are often asked how judo, as a sport, can help preserve our environment, to save our planet from future ...

Forever Everest
Phase One: The Important Thing is the Way

For two weeks already Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) has been on the road, a bumpy road that will take her from ...

IJF Climate Champions

In 2021, the theme of solidarity has been more important than ever.

Climate Champion
It's Possible!

The preservation of our environment and more generally of our planet has become an important subject ...

It's Our Responsibility to Preserve our Environment

Talking about the state of our planet and the preservation of the environment may seem irrelevant while ...