Coach Stories
Stephane Traineau: I Will Never Be the Same Again

Twice an Olympic medallist, world champion in 1991 and 4 times European champion; this is quite a resumé. ...

Coach Stories
Ebinuma in a New Role

Masashi Ebinuma, one of Japan’s greats, is known for his professional calmness, unshakeable focus and ...

Coach Development in Venezuela

For several days, from 16th to 19th January, Venezuela has been a bustling hub of coach development in ...

IJF President Delivers His message to the Referees and Coaches

The weekend was busy as dozens of coaches and referees from all over the world gathered together in Gyor, ...

In Gyor, the World of Judo Works Together

In a week we will be able to say that the World Judo Tour 2024 has started and that it is already in ...

Refereeing and Coaching
LIVE: IJF Refereeing and Coaching Seminar 2024

Follow the IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 live on JudoTV

Abu Dhabi GS
Victor Scvortov: Coaching for the Host Nation

Victor Scvortov is a coach with a clear remit: to build a strong team of judoka, to be part of developing ...

Junior Worlds
Technical Analysis, Day 3: Preparing for the Top Level

Leandra Freitas competed at the 2006 edition of the junior worlds in the Dominican Republic and a year ...

Athlete Stories
EYOF is the Perfect Pre-Cursor

As today marks one year to go, just a year left to prepare, train, study and refine before the Paris ...

Upper Austria GP
The Gift of Delays

When there are flight connections, perhaps heading to places not quite on the main drag, we often find ...

Tbilisi GS 2023
Keldiyorova, “It Looked Easy Because We Already Did So Much Work”

Diyora Keldiyorova is 24 but already has a long career behind her and with no sign of stepping back.

A New Kodokan Shidoin

The Kodokan Judo Institute, known around the world as the Kodokan, is both the building and the original ...