It’s a competition of strong men, very strong, that we attended in the +100kg category. At the top of the table, Inal Tasoev, crowned with his red world champion back patch, managed to escape all the traps that stood in his way. The most dangerous was undoubtedly Gela Zaalishvili in the semi-final who knocked him off balance several times without scoring, before Tasoev finally found the solution a few seconds from the end with a timely waza-ari to enter a new final.
Final, Inal Tasoev (AIN) vs Guram Tushishvili (GEO)

At the bottom of the draw, we also witnessed some great contests, the commitment of which was total. Guram Tushishvili has nothing left to prove. The 2018 world champion is one of the leaders in the category. He can win against anyone but his judo is so based on risk-taking that danger for him also lurks at every corner of the tatami. Today, focused and precise, he did not give his opponents a chance and reached the final to join Inal Tasoev, in what promised to be an exciting contest the outcome of which was very uncertain.

The final between the top seed and number three seed started at a slow pace, both men observing the other. The first strong attack came from Tushishvili with a sutemi-waza for no score. A little later, Inal Tasoev countered an uchi-mata attempt from Guram Tushishvili, to score a waza-ari. The Georgian judoka was then penalised a third time. The gold medal went to world champion Inal Tasoev.

Bronze medal contest, Imran Yusifov (AZE) vs Kazhybayev Yerassyl (KAZ)
Bronze medallist, Kazhybayev Yerassyl (KAZ)

In the first contest for a bronze medal we found Imran Yusifov (AZE) and Yerassyl Kazhybayev (KAZ). After almost 2 minutes of golden score, Imran Yusifov was penalised a third time, offering the medal to Yerassyl Kahybayev (KAZ).

Bronze medallist, Tamerlan Bashaev (AIN)

Tamerlan Bashaev (AIN) and Gela Zaalishvili (GEO) vied for the podium in the second bout for a bronze medal. You recognise the quality of a judoka, when you know exactly what he is going to do and yet he still does it, it can not be stopped. This happened with Bashaev, whose tokui-waza is a low seoi-nage. Zaalishvili knew it, he knew it perfectly, but there was no way to block it and Tamerlan Bashaev scored one of the ippon scores of the competition with one of his homemade seoi-nage techniques.

Medals, cheques et flowers were presented by Mr Agayar Akhundzada, Executive Committee Member of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, and Mr Timur Tursumbaev, President of the Judo Federation of Karaganda

Final (+100 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (+100 kg)

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