The first day of competition at the IBSA Judo Grand Prix Baku 2023 went off without a hitch in the National Gymnastics Arena. Just a few days ago, the judoka of the World Judo Tour competed in pursuit of Olympic qualification points for Paris 2024. It is now the para-judoka, in the J1 and J2 categories, who are competing with the hope of gleaning maximum points for the Paralympic Games, which will be held in September 2024 in the French capital.

Baku is the second event of the year which is organised in partnership between IBSA and the IJF, the next one will be in Tokyo at the end of the year. This first day once again proved the interest and benefit of joining the efforts of the two organisations with the support of the local organising committee.

J1 -60 kg The final opposed Junaedi (INA) and Kapil Parlar (IND). Junaedi took a good lead with a seoi-nage that was rewarded with a waza-ari but Kapil Parlar didn't make the same mistake again and while Junaedi was attacking with his seoi-nage, Parlar took the advantage and turned with a superb uchi-mata for ippon, winning the gold medal. In the first bronze medal contest, Shiwen Zhu (CHN) had a clear and fast win over Temirlan Abdikarimov (KGZ), after he scored a first waza-ari with a left seoi-nage, followed by a second waza-ari with o-uchi-gari. The second bronze medal contest was 100% Brazilian, between DE Elielton Oiveira (BRA) and Deyverson De Souza (BRA). As expected the contest was more balanced since the judoka know each other well. During the first half nothing was scored but with 1 minute 27 seconds to go, De Oliveira performed a beautiful uchi-mata for ippon.

Medals and presents were presented by Mr Ilgar Rahimov, President of IBSA, and Mr Rasim Babayev, Director of Marketing Department of Unibank CB

Final JUNAEDI (INA) vs PARMAR, Kapil (IND) Bronze medal contest ABDIKARIMOV, Temirlan (KGZ) vs ZHU, Shiwen (CHN) DE OLIVEIRA, Elielton (BRA) vs DE SOUZA, Deyverson (BRA) Final Results

1. PARMAR, Kapil (IND) 2. JUNAEDI (INA) 3. ZHU, Shiwen (CHN) 3. DE OLIVEIRA, Elielton (BRA) 5. ABDIKARIMOV, Temirlan (KGZ) 5. DE SOUZA, Deyverson (BRA)

J1 -48 kg In the final, Rosicleide De Andrade (BRA) was opposed by Ecem Tasin Cavdar (TUR). Both competitors were trying to unbalance their opponent with some small ashi-waza attempts before launching low seoi-nage techniques but they were not powerful enough to score. If Cavdar slightly dominated the first half of the contest, De Andrade was more active during the second half, resulting in one shido apiece. With a handful of seconds remaining, De Andrade caught Cavdar with an immobilisation but the Turkish judoka escaped one second before the ten necessary seconds to warrant a score. Then it was time for golden score. She had tried many time during the whole final to apply shime-waza techniques, the last one was the good one and Ecem Tasin Cavdar eventually won the gold medal. The first bronze medal was disputed by Emmanouela Masourou (GRE) and Khaiitkhon Khusan Kyzy (KGZ). As soon as the referee announced 'hajime,’ the latter was the first to attack in every exchange, taking all the risks and scoring a well deserved waza-ari. Keeping the pace, she drove Masourou to be penalised twice and kept her score alive until the final gong, to reach the podium. In the second bronze medal contest, Shizuka Hangai of Japan faced Rocio Ledesma Dure of Argentina. Shizuka Hangai was the more dominant and positive of the judoka but it was actually Rocio Ledesma Dure who won the medal after she counter-attacked her opponent with a powerful yoko-guruma for ippon. The bronze goes to Argentina.

Medals and presents were presented by Mr János Tardos, IBSA Judo Chairman, and Mr Kamran TALIBOV, Sport Director of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation

Final DE ANDRADE, Rosicleide (BRA) vs TASIN CAVDAR, Ecem (TUR) Bronze medal contest MASOUROU, Emmanouela (GRE) vs KHUSAN KYZY, Khaiitkhon (KGZ) HANGAI, Shizuka (JPN) vs LEDESMA DURE, Rocio (ARG) Final Results 1. TASIN CAVDAR, Ecem (TUR) 2. DE ANDRADE, Rosicleide (BRA) 3. LEDESMA DURE, Rocio (ARG) 3. KHUSAN KYZY, Khaiitkhon (KGZ) 5. HANGAI, Shizuka (JPN) 5. MASOUROU, Emmanouela (GRE)

J1 -73 kg Florin Alexandru Bologa (ROU) and Dong Dong Mamanni (ITA) were the two judoka qualified for the final. Bologna took the lead after little more than one minute, with a seoi-nage. Even though Mamanni fell on the other side, it was still worth a waza-ari. With 50 seconds still on the clock, Florin Alexandru Bologa scored a second waza-ari with a low seoi-nage and the gold medal was for him. In the first bronze medal contest, with Djibrilo Rafa (POR) being unable to compete, the medal went to Harlley Damiao Pereira Arruda (BRA). The second bronze medal contest opposed Gokce Yavuz (TUR) and Eduardo Gauto Gallegos (ARG) and was more disputed as the golden score period was called after normal time. After 1 minute 40 of extra time, Eduardo Gauto Gallegos eventually found what he was looking for, for several minutes, and scored ippon with a seoi-otoshi to take the bronze medal.

Medals and presents were presented by Dr. Antonio Castro, IJF Ambassador & Chairman of the IJF Medical Commission, and Mr Elmar Babanli, European coordinator of IBSA

Final BOLOGA, Florin Alexandru (ROU) vs CAMANNI, Dong Dong (ITA) Bronze Medal Contest PEREIRA ARRUDA, Harlley Damiao (BRA) vs IAFA, Djibrilo (POR) YAVUZ, Gokce (TUR) vs GAUTO GALLEGOS, Eduardo (ARG) Final results 1. BOLOGA, Florin Alexandru (ROU) 2. CAMANNI, Dong Dong (ITA) 3. PEREIRA ARRUDA, Harlley Damiao (BRA) 3. GAUTO GALLEGOS, Eduardo (ARG) 5. IAFA, Djibrilo (POR) 5. YAVUZ, Gokce (TUR)

J2 -48 kg It was Liqing Li (CHN) and Lobar Khurramova (UZB), who qualified for the final. The start of the contest didn't seem to go either way. Suddenly, within a second, Lobar Khurramova was on top of Liqing Li and pinned her down for ippon to win the gold medal. Isabell Thall (GER) and Sandrine Aurieres Martinet (FRA) faced each other in the first bronze medal contest. With two shido to her name, Thall was in danger against the experienced French judoka. The contest concluded on the floor, after Sandrine Aurieres Martinet controlled her opponent, taking her trapped leg out and pinning Thall for ippon. In the second bronze medal contest, Paralympic champion, Shahana Hajiyeva (AZE), and Cahide Eke (TUR) were qualified to try to step on to the podium, but the Turkish judoka couldn't do anything against her illustrious opponent and was thrown for ippon after less than one minute.

Medals and presents were presented by Mr Kamal Mammadov, Chairman of Organising Committee, and Ms Nusa Lampe, IBSA Judo Education Commissioner

Final LI, Liqing (CHN) vs KHURRAMOVA, Lobar (UZB) Bronze medal contest THAL, Isabell (GER) vs AURIERES MARTINET, Sandrine (FRA) HAJIYEVA, Shahana (AZE) vs EKE, Cahide (TUR) Final Results 1. KHURRAMOVA, Lobar (UZB) 2. LI, Liqing (CHN) 3. HAJIYEVA, Shahana (AZE) 3. AURIERES MARTINET, Sandrine (FRA) 5. EKE, Cahide (TUR) 5. THAL, Isabell (GER)

J2 -60 kg In the final, we found Anuar Sariyev (KAZ) and Sherzod Namozov (UZB) competing for glory. Namozov took the lead after a first round of observation with a te-waza technique, which was rewarded with a waza-ari. It didn't take long for Namozov to score again with a sharp counter-attack, for ippon this time. It was a gold medal for Uzbekistan. The first bronze medal contest was disputed between the two Georgian athletes, Zurab Zurabiani (GEO) and Nukri Migrinashvili (GEO). Zurab Zurabiani won the medal as Nukri Migrinashvili was unable to compete. In the second bronze medal contest, David Khorava (UKR) and Ishak Ouldkouide (ALG) faced off for a place on the podium. At the end of normal time, Khorava had two shido to his name, when Ouldkouide had only one. After only 3 seconds of golden score, David Khorava suddenly turned and produced an unstoppable sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi for a waza-ari and a win.

Medals and presents were presented by Mr Kenichi Shoshida, IBSA Judo Referee Director, and Mr Abdelouahab Osman, Algeria Ambassador in Azerbajain

Final SARIYEV, Anuar (KAZ) vs NAMOZOV, Sherzod (UZB) Bronze medal contest ZURABIANI, Zurab (GEO) vs MIGRIJANASHVILI, Nukri (GEO) KHORAVA, Davyd (UKR) vs OULDKOUIDER, Ishak (ALG) Final Results 1. NAMOZOV, Sherzod (UZB) 2. SARIYEV, Anuar (KAZ) 3. ZURABIANI, Zurab (GEO) 3. KHORAVA, Davyd (UKR) 5. MIGRIJANASHVILI, Nukri (GEO) 5. OULDKOUIDER, Ishak (ALG)

J2 -57 kg Curent world champion, Zeynep Celik (TUR) and Kumushkhon Khodjeva (UZB) qualified for the final. It didn't take long for Kumushkhon Khodjeva to produce a massive effort and throw her opponent flat on her back with a seoi-nage for ippon. This was a surprise and a nice one for the Uzbek judoka. Maria Nubea Dos Santos Lins (BRA) and Junko Hirose (JPN) faced each other in the first bronze medal contest. Hirose took the lead with a first waza-ari during the first half of the contest. She confirmed it a little later with an ippon to win the bronze medal. The second bronze medal contest saw Marta Arch Payno (ESP) and Dayana Fedossova (KAZ) compete to reach the podium and the victory went to Dayana Fedossova.

Medals and presents were presented by Mr Ilham Zakiyev, Vice President of Azerbeijan Paralympic Committee and Paralympic Champion, and Mr Imre Csösz, IBSA Judo Sport Commissioner

Final CELIK, Zeynep (TUR) vs KHODJAEVA, Kumushkhon (UZB) Bronze medal contest DOS SANTOS LINS, Maria Nubea (BRA) vs HIROSE, Junko (JPN) ARCE PAYNO, Marta (ESP) vs FEDOSSOVA, Dayana (KAZ) Final Results 1. KHODJAEVA, Kumushkhon (UZB) 2. CELIK, Zeynep (TUR) 3. Junko Hirose (JPN) 3. Dayana Fedossova (KAZ) 5. DOS SANTOS LINS, Maria Nubea (BRA) 5. Marta Arch Payno (ESP)

J2 -73 kg The final should have opposed Feruz Sayidov (UZB) and Sergio Ibanez Banon (ESP) but the Spaniard was unable to compete and so the victory went to Sayidov, completing a very good day for Uzbekistan with four titles. Uchkun Kuranbaev (UZB), the current Paralympic champion, and Nathan Petit (FRA) faced each other in the first bronze medal contest. It took Nathan Petit employing a beautiful o-uchi-gari to score ippon and decide the win, to take a medal back to France. The second bronze medal had to be decided between Rufat Mohomedov (UKR) and Namig Abasli (AZE) and once again it didn't take long, as Rufat Mohomedov produced a ko-soto-gake for ippon.

Medals and presents were presented by Mrs Sara Álvarez, IBSA Judo Sport Director, and Mr Agayar Akhundzada, Executive Committee Member of the Azerbeijan Judo Federation

Final SAYIDOV, Feruz (UZB) vs IBANEZ BANON, Sergio (ESP) Bronze medal contest KURANBAEV, Uchkun (UZB) vs PETIT, Nathan (FRA) MAHOMEDOV, Rufat (UKR) vs ABASLI, Namig (AZE) Final Results 1. SAYIDOV, Feruz (UZB) 2. IBANEZ BANON, Sergio (ESP) 3. PETIT, Nathan (FRA) 3. MAHOMEDOV, Rufat (UKR) 5. KURANBAEV, Uchkun (UZB) 5. ABASLI, Namig (AZE)

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