Bullying is a behaviour that endangers the very existence of our society. It is a form of intimidation, harassment and mistreatment. These are actions which use force, coercion and threatening or hurtful comments. Aggressive behaviours leading to the bullying of teenagers can have a profound impact on their education and overall well-being.

In a collaborative effort between the Azerbaijan Judo Federation and Azercell Telekom LLC, the impactful social campaign ‘I Promise’ encourages everyone to take a stand against bullying while promoting the core values of judo.

Implemented in judo training centres and schools, this initiative involves children in programmes where they receive anti-bullying certificates, symbolising their commitment to opposing bullying. Each child signs a pledge demonstrating their collective stance against bullying. Additionally, informative booklets and wristbands are provided to reinforce the campaign's message.

Rashad Rasullu, Secretary General of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, underscored the significance of this campaign, "Addressing the issue of bullying is not merely a social responsibility, it's about creating a safe and supportive environment for our youth. Through initiatives like 'I Promise,' we aim to empower children to speak out against bullying, fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect, while instilling the core values of judo."

He further added, "The Azerbaijan Judo Federation, committed to social responsibility, has undertaken both inclusivity and anti-bullying campaigns for the wellbeing of society. We take pride in the positive impact achieved and will continue these efforts throughout the year, striving to create a lasting positive influence in our community."

To date, the ‘I Promise’ campaign has engaged with 4,500 children across 20 schools and judo halls. Discussions have centered on understanding the concept of bullying, its potential risks and the importance of resistance, all while promoting the timeless values of judo.

The ultimate objective is to reach and positively impact 7,000 children, promoting inclusivity while being guided by the inherent principles of respect, discipline and sportsmanship in judo.

As the Baku Grand Slam is about to begin, education remains at the centre of all concerns. The spotlight will be on top level judoka for a few days but the light will remain on everyone’s head. Last year, the Azerbaijan Judo Federation already led the way to a big change in society by promoting the ‘White Suite Girls’ campaign. With the ‘I Promise’ campaign they are opening a new chapter that can inspire generations of judoka.

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