The past is already the Grand Slam of Tashkent 2024, which has just ended in the Uzbek capital. It's also the present, because behind the scenes of the Humo Arena, which the technical teams are already dismantling, we only talk about the next event of the World Judo Tour, the Upper Austria Grand Prix, and that's already a little bit of the future too, the near future.

But in Tashkent, we are also talking about the slightly more distant future, with the signing of the contract for the next World Championships Juniors. This therefore already allows us to talk about the future generations of champions, those we will meet in Los Angeles in 2028 and in Australia 4 years later. They will be the next world and Olympic champions.

In the meantime, the fourth tournament of this Olympic year went magnificently. It must be said that the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, which has now organised the grand slam for 3 years and which in 2022 organised a senior world championships, has great experience. The consequence of this great organisation is that the almost 500 athletes and 68 delegations present were able to express themselves perfectly. They also used the past, taking into consideration the results of the start of the season to achieve their performance in the present, before already looking towards the next rendezvous.

This is something we do permanently in judo. Based on the values of the sport and its philosophy, which was invented by Jigoro Kano Shihan, we develop a modern sport in perpetual evolution to meet the future. This goes on and on and makes judo modern, exciting and always up-to-date.

At the end of the third day of competition, France tops the medal ranking with three gold medals, two silver and one bronze, ahead of Japan (2,3,6) and the host country Uzbekistan (2,1,3). 23 countries reached the podium, while 36 nations were present in the final block, which is more than half of the delegations that competed in Tashkent.

In less than a week, the elite of world judo will settle in Linz, Upper Austria, for the second edition of their grand prix. 573 athletes from 82 countries are registered. The days are going to be dense and intense, just the way we like them. You can follow it live on

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