I've finally made it to the Oceanian continent! Before arriving there, there was much going on in Indonesia.

Firstly, I visited Sensei Sengoku again and created a YouTube video where I interviewed him about his life and philosophy.

Then, I had to fulfill my duties with the Indonesian team. They requested I return to the national centre in the Bogor region (80km from Jakarta). They asked me to stay for 10 days to focus on kumi-kata and some aspects of ne-waza before heading to Australia. The national team judo centre and the federation are impressive, offering excellent facilities, with athletes enjoying great support, a luxury in a country where judo isn't internationally famous. The federation is dedicated to athletes' development, working tirelessly despite being a small team.

Due to my good relationship with the federation, they entrusted me with organising the ‘Road to Paris 2024’ for two of their athletes. One is already within the list of potentially qualified judoka and the other, ranked 80-90 globally, is seeking points. We have worked on a programme for a European trip with competitions and training in two countries and I'm thrilled to provide assistance.

Then, it was time to catch a flight to Cairns in Australia for my 37th country! Initially, I considered taking a boat, but the costs were prohibitive. Being in Australia poses a significant challenge for the project as my income is 6-7 times lower than the average monthly income here.


Unfortunately, I arrived during Cyclone Jasper, forcing me to stay locked in a judo parent's guest house for four days, two of which had no power or internet. Despite the inconvenience, it provided an unexpected break.

Now, split between the home of the club coach, Xavier, originally from Nauru, and a hotel offered by the club, I'm starting to explore Cairns. Adverse weather conditions have caused delays and with Christmas approaching, clubs are taking a break.


Visiting Xavier's club, Cairns Judo Club, gave me an idea of the diversity of Australia. Members come from Malta, Hungary, Nauru, Samoa, Korea and more, creating a melting pot of cultures and different skill levels. The club fosters connections, not just in training but also through post-training social interactions.

Together with Xavier, I'm planning my journey in Australia. I'm thankful for his contacts. The plan is to travel from Cairns to Brisbane (2,000km), followed by a two-week stay in Fiji, thanks to Xavier's friend Josateki Naulu. The project may lead to various exciting Pacific destinations that I don’t mention yet as they are not confirmed.


Upon returning to Brisbane, the Australian federation will provide assistance for the second leg, to Melbourne (another 2,000km). Plans for New Zealand are yet to be finalised. Precise organisation is crucial in Australia, as a mistake could quickly lead me to be totally out of budget.

Julien and Xavier in Australia

I'm actively seeking sponsors to ease the project in Oceania. More detailed insights about Australia will follow in the next article, as I've just arrived. Excitement and gratitude fill me as I embark on a new continent in this project, thanks to the judo community. Oceania marks the last step before heading back home and then on to America and Africa.

Cairns Judo Club in Australia

Together, we follow in the footsteps of Jigoro Kano, who travelled the world for judo. Despite missing my family, I'm happy to know that I'll be with the judo family during the holiday season. Have a great end of the year, everybody!

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