Neil Adams, world champion, double Olympic medallist and 9th dan, is well know for his work in the field of coach education. He travels the world to deliver seminars, often welcomed by his peers, his former opposition, and always with warmth and excitement.

In April of 2024, Neil travelled to the United States of America to again lead seminars for coaches. He flew to Austin first and recorded a podcast with Lex Fridman, a top broadcaster in the US, always hosting prominent guests. From there Neil travelled to Washington DC to deliver two seminars while also meeting with dear friends. From there, New York was next on the horizon.

At the NYAC, L-R: Mike Swain, Brett Baron, Neil Adams and Bobby Berlund.

“This was a very special experience. I had been asked to commentate at the famous annual New York Open team event but while there I was also awarded the New York Athletic Club lifetime achievement award."

The award.

"This award ceremony has given me one of the best moments, a memory I’d will cherish. Old friends and international competitors Bobby Berland, Brett Baron and Mike Swain were all present and they applauded a video tribute which was compiled by many friends, such as Jimmy and Kayla. They all really helped me to enjoy this amazing occasion and I will never forget it.”

Neil’s award, combined with the incredible team tournament at the NYAC made the whole trip unique, “It was my first time with an audience like that. That event is very special. I stayed with the NYAC for 7 days, right by Central Park."

"We did 5 consecutive seminars at different locations all around the New York and New Jersey area, all packed out with judoka from many different clubs. Each session offered a different topic and so judoka could attend more than one seminar if they’d like, really soaking up a good variety of ideas and experiences.”

Neil continues to travel with education as the main motive but this journey to the Big Apple was an extra special one filled with friends, memories and celebrations.

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