Turkish Judo Federation’s ordinary general congress was held in Ankara on 22th October and former national team member Sezer Huysuz was elected as the Federation’s new president.

The congress presidency election was well attended as Sezer Huysuz became the head of Turkish Judo for next four years. There were two other candidates for presidency as Fatih Uysal, existing president since 2008, decided not to continue his duty.

One of the candidates was Sezer Huysuz, worldwide known Turkish judoka, who represent Turkey at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012. The other candidate was Muhammet Celik, who took active duties in Turkish Federation’s committees in national and international roles.

A total of 250 commissioners of Turkish judo voted for two candidates and there were 248 valid votes in total. Sezer Huysuz was the winner of close contest with 125 votes, as 123 commissioners voted for Muhammet Celik.

Both candidates congratulate each other and thanked to the all commissioners.

Sezer Huysuz, new president of Turkish Judo Federation, made a short speech after election and gave a souvenir to former president Fatih Uysal due to his hard work for Turkish judo since 2008.

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