The Netherlands’ first world judo champion in 10 years, Noël van 't End, has cut short his celebrations to auction his World Championships-winning judogi for charity.
Dutch delight

The 28-year-old Dutchman, who won -90kg gold, is raising money for KWF Kankerbestrijding which funds cancer research in the Netherlands.

“All the money I raise with it will go to a cancer foundation that is very close to my heart. I lost my dear grandma last year and 12 years ago I lost my best friends mother Josephine.

“They where very special people! And every time when I go on the mat I think about them to get extra power.

“With this gesture I want to take a away to powerless feeling I had when they where suffering so much!”

The current bid at the time of publication is £895. There are three days left for the auction for the 175 size white judogi which will go down as one of the legendary items of Dutch judo memorabilia.

The Dutchman defeated Mukai (JPN) in the final

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