The Paris Grand Slam 2024 will leave its mark, that’s for sure. First of all because it attracted a large number of athletes (621) and a record number of nations (107) but also because it marked the 50th edition of the event; another record.

We will also remember that the organising country, France, emerged from this tournament at the top of the ranking of nations, with no less than 6 gold medals, one silver medal and 5 bronze medals. It's been a long time since the French judoka have been to such a party and the public was ecstatic. Is this a good omen for the upcoming Olympic Games? We will know in a few months.

The Paris Grand Slam 2024 was also a magnificent edition because for three days it allowed us to get a small idea of the atmosphere that awaits us during the Paris 2024 Games. The stadium will not be the same, but the emotion yes, it will undoubtedly be even stronger.

As a symbol, this third and final day of competition in front of more than 15,000 enthusiastic spectators, made it possible to reward the winners of the IJF awards and opened wide the doors of fame to young people, who for the duration of a mixed teams event were the equals of their heroes, world champions and Olympic champions. This moment will be remembered by them and by everyone.

It is not possible to close this grand slam without talking about Teddy Riner's performance which sets a new victory record: 8 in all. With the editions in which he did not participate and those in which he did not win, it is an incredible figure which shows the longevity of this exceptional champion. Clarisse Agbegnenou's performance is equally incredible, now 7 wins! What else can we say? All the winners and medallists shone during the three days of competition.

Bercy will now close its doors. We will all set off towards diverse, distant horizons and we will all do it with stars in our eyes.

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