The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, HE Ilham Aliyev, recently visited the training centre of the national judo teams, as it underwent a major renovation in the country's capital, Baku.
HE Ilham Aliyev and Mr Rashad Nabiyev

Minister of Digital Development and Transport and President of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, Mr Rashad Nabiyev, presented the proposed conditions in the training centre in detail to the Head of State.

The renovation works and construction extension were completed during November, bringing the total area of the sports facility to 2.2 hectares.

The main dojo offers optimal conditions for the simultaneous training of 100 senior and junior male judoka, while there is now also a large dojo for women and juniors, where 60 judoka can train at the same time. The centre has been equipped with tatami that meet the standards of the International Judo Federation. It also has a 28-bed hotel section, a medical station, physiotherapy and massage rooms.

The President of the IJF, Mr Marius Vizer, sent his warm congratulations to President Aliyev as well as to the national federation President, Mr Rashad Nabiyev, for the work undertaken which will certainly help the development of judo significantly.

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