On Saturday 16th March the Rwanda Judo Federation orchestrated a successful educational competition hosted at the Belgian School in Kigali. Over 170 judo enthusiasts participated actively in the event, embracing the challenge with enthusiasm and forging new bonds within their sport.

Every participant received a certificate of participation, a token of recognition from the federation and its president, Christian Bishyika, acknowledging their dedication and resolve on the tatami.

The Rwanda Judo Federation continues to thrive with unwavering support from the Swiss Judo Federation, elevating the Rwandan judo scene since 2023. The results of this competition further underscore the growing ambition of the Rwandan Judo Federation on both national and continental fronts, paving the way for the organisation of even more prestigious competitions in the future.

The Mahama Refugee Judo Club made a noteworthy appearance at the competition, having received an official invitation. Thirty-one judoka, led by their coach Vianney Ntaconayigize and supported by their parents. This inclusivity marks a significant milestone for the federation, as it extends its arms to the judo community, encouraging collective progress. This commitment resonates with the core values of judo and aligns with the shared vision of the International Judo Federation (IJF), which works hard to offer judo opportunities in refugee camps around the world.

Mr Bishyika expressed optimism, "We are witnesses of a promising future for our sport in Rwanda. The results of this day bring us immense satisfaction and we are prepared to proceed with our competition calendar for the year 2024." The dedicated organising team, driven by passion, flawlessly executed this competition and is already gearing up for upcoming events starting in May. “This has all been made possible through the unwavering support of the International Judo Federation and the generosity of the Belgian School in Kigali, who graciously lent their facilities for the event.”

Competitions provide invaluable opportunities for judoka to apply the technical skills honed during training, set personal goals, and continue their learning journey. It is imperative in this sport to constantly strive for improvement, drawing inspiration from fellow judoka. Furthermore, competitions offer coaches insights into adapting their teaching methodologies to meet the specific needs of their students.

The Rwanda Judo Federation is demonstrating a commitment to development, long may it continue.

Thank you to the Rwanda Judo Federation for contributing the source material.

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