The Paris Grand Slam made us a little dizzy but it was a dizziness that we love and that feels so good. For three days, the champions crowded the tatami of the Accor Arena in Bercy to our greatest happiness and that of the spectators. Without doubt one of the strongest moments of the weekend was the return of some great champions in the mixed team event with children, organised just before the last final block of the grand slam, which saw the 8th victory of the great Teddy Riner.

Among these champions that we are so happy to have seen again under the spotlights of Bercy, was Majlinda Kelmendi (KOS). The double world champion and first Olympic champion in the history of Kosovo, today coach of the national team alongside Driton 'Toni' Kuka, was part of the group of champions who agreed to compete, in a warm and joyful atmosphere, with children whose dreams to one day perhaps join their idols on top of the world of high-level sport.

Majlinda responded very kindly to our questions. This moment of sharing with the children was a great moment for her, "I felt very good, everything was perfect. I had a lot of fun. It is very important to organise this kind of event especially for the children and parents. I think it is a good chance for them to meet their idols in person on the tatami, in a real competition and of course it is a big motivation for their future too.

Everything was perfect. Leandra from the IJF made it easy for all of us. The children had a lot of emotions but we were all working to make it fun for them and make them enjoy it as much as they could."

Majlinda won several times in Paris. It began with the world junior title, back in 2009. This was at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin. Later on she won four editions of the Paris Grand Slam and thus Paris is a little special for her. "It felt so good to be back on the tatami of the Bercy. It was my favourite competition as an athlete and I have good memories from there, so I could't wait to get on the mat. I had actually forgotten how big the sport hall was and the crowd was amazing. It felt so good to hear them calling my name; it reminded me of some of the best moments of my life."

Being the champion she is and the woman she became thanks to judo, Majlinda has a message to deliver, "My message for the youth is to enjoy their lives, to work hard and do what they love. If I became European, world and Olympic champion from one small city in Kosovo, with only my coach, they can make their dreams come true too because it doesn't matter where you begin, what is important is where you want to go and what you want to achieve in life."

The moments spent on the tatami were incredibly emotional for our young judoka but something tells us that the emotion was shared by our champions as well. So that alone made us a little dizzy and we like that.

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