Zagreb Grand Prix 2022: -57kg
Christal Clear

Timna Nelson Levy is like a next door neighbour turned friend, always solid and present.

Zagreb Grand Prix 2022: -52kg
Perfection Has a Name

The good thing about Uta Abe is that she doesn't waste our time.

Zagreb Grand Prix 2022: -48kg
Koga 1 - Europe 0

It is not an easy task to assume leadership. There are people with innate gifts while others have a harder ...

Zagreb Grand Prix Technical Analysis
Day 1: Anomalies, Predictability and the Perfection of Uta

The Zagreb Grand Prix is a real showcase, an explosion of judo excellence, with no less than 3 Olympic ...

Grand Prix Zagreb 2022: The Draw
In a Great Place

The top floor of the Westin hotel is not a bad place to host the draw for the Grand Prix Zagreb 2022. ...

GS Hungary 2022 - Top Ippon

Grand Slam Hungary 2022 - Top Ippon

Zagreb Grand Prix 2022 - Promo

Discover the promo video of the Zagreb Grand Prix 2022

Grand Slam Hungary 2022: -90kg
Melody Man

So many things happened that it is best to mention them in order, slowly and well, so that no one gets ...

Grand Slam Hungary 2022: -78kg
Life is Beautiful

We are taking special care of this category. They are in general tall, fast and powerful, the ones who ...

Grand Slam Hungary 2022: -100kg
Game of Thrones, Game of Throws

For a moment we convinced ourselves we were watching the series Game of Thrones.

Grand Slam Hungary 2022: +78kg
Overwhelming dominance

Now that power outages are being announced all over the world, we are glad that Idalys Ortíz has returned ...

Grand Slam Hungary 2022: +100kg
Veni, Vidi, Vici

The Danube was the Rubicon that Teddy Riner crossed, another one returning to the World Judo Tour.