Technical Analysis - Day 3
Düsseldorf Grand Slam 2020: A Day of Ippons and Surprises

Daniel Lascau, IJF Sport Director and Acting Referee Director, offered his analysis of the third day ...

Düsseldorf GS - Day 3 Results
Tushishvili stars as the heavyweights thrill Germany

Düsseldorf Grand Slam – DAY THREE

Technical Analysis - Day 2
Düsseldorf Grand Slam 2020: an All-Round Good Day!

On day two of the Düsseldorf Grand Slam I spoke with IJF Commentator and Referee Supervisor Neil Adams. ...

Opening Ceremony
Flags, Ukemi and an Orchestra

Dozens of young children, judoka, waving German and Japanese flags, in front of a crowd clapping in rhythm ...

Düsseldorf GS - Day 2 Results
ONO fires while fellow Olympic champions falter

Düsseldorf Grand Slam – DAY TWO

A Day In The Life - Ono Shohei

Follow Ono Shohei's golden day at the Düsseldorf Grand Slam 2020.

World no. 43 dreams of ‘home’ Olympics
Learning curve for talented Thai judoka

Thailand’s world number 43 Kachakorn WARASIHA has been fighting on the IJF circuit full-time since ...

Technical Analysis
Dusseldorf Grand Slam 2020: Where is the Ne-Waza?

Celine Geráud of France is 6th Dan, European champion and world silver medalist.

Angelica Delgado and hope for USA Judo


Welcome to the Abe's show!

Japanese siblings Abe Hifumi (-66kg) and Abe Uta (-52kg) stole the show in Germany on day one.

Düsseldorf GS - Day 1 Results
Superstar ABE siblings star

Judo’s greatest double act reigns in Germany

Neil Adams v Sheldon Franco-Rooks
#JudoDüsseldorf Predictions

Our #JudoDüsseldorf commentators Neil Adams and Sheldon Franco-Rooks have made their gold medal predictions ...