Judo Worlds 2021
Team Spirit

After a last intense day of judo, beautiful movements and determined battles, punctuated by twists and ...

Commentator Interviews
Former World Champions Unite the Whole Judo Community as New Champions are Crowned

Throughout this World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, we have been treated to a constant commentary ...

Flag Passing Ceremony - 2022 Worlds in Uzbekistan

Just before the final block of the last day of competition of the World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, ...

27 countries with medals
Nature Abhors Emptiness

Mathematics is not deceiving. Seven days of competition, 661 athletes, 14 categories, 118 countries, ...

Connected Champions

After more than a week of intense competition, the lights will soon go out in the Laszlo Papp Budapest ...

Justice on the Tatami

These are the ones without whom it is impossible to imagine judo.

2021 WC, Day 7: Technical Analysis
Technique First

Imagine being born into a judo family and spending your whole childhood on the tatami, then continuing ...

Judo Worlds 2021
Clash of the Titans

It is well known that, as the days go by, more noise is produced on the tatami, louder as we close in ...

Prestigious event - distinguished guests

The World Judo Championships Hungary 2021 is a prestigious international sporting event, which unites ...

Interviews With the Champions - Day 6 #JudoWorlds

Interviews with the medallists and the champions of the sixth day of the World Judo Championships Hungary ...

Judo Worlds 2021
A Dance and a Tear of Joy

The end of the competition approaches. When an event starts, the end always seems so far away, but day ...


It's 3:00p.m. in Budapest. It is a calm, silent moment. The venue is practically empty.