Reflecting on Portugal’s 1st Grand Prix

Portugal’s 1st Grand Prix took place a few weeks ago. Relive this historical moment.

So Far So Good

Changing the year is like turning on the washing machine.

Portugal 2022 Top Ippon

2022 started off with a bang! Check out some of our top ippons from #JudoPortugal.

DAY 3 GP Portugal 2022
The Adventure Begins

In the world of judo nobody rests on Sundays. In the world of judo, weekends are made to make noise and ...

A Unique Understanding

In an interviewing career, there are always special moments when emotion and good humour compete with ...

"Good for Judo"

For this third and last day of Grand Prix Portugal we throw our hands on Dutchman Dennis van der Geest, ...

Love Actually

We have a son in a white judogi and his father in the coach's chair.

Grand Prix Portugal Day 2
The Champion's Relief

On the first day Netherlands and Croatia caressed the gold and won silver.

The Portuguese Originality

It doesn't take much for the President of the Portuguese Judo Federation to become talkative.

Telma Monteiro Honoured and the Federation Awarded

Normally tributes to an athlete to congratulate them on an exemplary career take place once the they ...

Grand Prix Portugal Technical Analysis Day 2
Unusual Business as Usual

For today's technical analysis we chose to focus on the refereeing rule changes and our judo family’s ...

The Hunt

Last year Distria Krasniqi did two things: win the gold medal at the Olympics and change category.