Megan Fletcher: A medal for Ireland at the inaugural Tel Aviv Grand Prix

Did we hear correctly? A medal for Ireland at the inaugural Tel Aviv Grand Prix? Megan Fletcher, now ...

HISTORY - Kano's Early Years
From Martial Art to Olympic Sport - PART 1

On the road to Tokyo 2020, we will publish on a regular basis a series of articles about the history ...

NF News
Proyecto Primavera says goodbye to 2018

He is not an average man, not a normal trainer as we say.

Education and Development
2018 Beyond Sport, Humanity

While the sports season was in full swing, the International Judo Federation continued to promote the ...

Judo for Peace
A new home for the refugees in Maheba, Zambia

On December 19th, as the end of year approaches and most of the dojo's around the world are going to ...

International Judo Friendship in Ethiopia

Johannes Daxbacher is the chair of the IJF MP commission for 2018.

JFTW Italy - On the Side of Legality

Scampia near Naples, Italy, is considered as one of the most dangerous suburb in Europe.

Full results from Cancun
IJF Kata World Championships Day 2

Germany, France and Japan claimed gold on the final day of the IJF Kata World Championships 2018 in Cancun.

“My family say I should have a pipe and slippers but I’m not ready yet”
Stan Cantrill – The Fighting Grandfather

Welsh judoka Stan Cantrill, 73, is among the 1,000-plus judoka in Cancun, Mexico, for the 10th edition ...

A fight for life

Ali Khousrof (YEM) is in Baku. He was invited by the International Judo Federation, along with four of ...

Story & Video
Against all Odds

Imagine you’re ripped out of your comfort zone as a young child.

Profile & VIDEO
The Day After

How do you feel the day after? That day when you climbed on the highest step of the world podium.