Commentator Interviews
Former World Champions Unite the Whole Judo Community as New Champions are Crowned

Throughout this World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, we have been treated to a constant commentary ...

Justice on the Tatami

These are the ones without whom it is impossible to imagine judo.


It's 3:00p.m. in Budapest. It is a calm, silent moment. The venue is practically empty.

Details Are Never Missed

Big tournaments are always thought out to the last detail and are organised expertly, with each one of ...

Portugal: Brave From the Beginning

The year 2020 is already committed to our most steadfast memories and is the subject of documentaries, ...

Behind the Scenes
It’s All About the Image

The IJF Judo Gallery is an archive of beauty, a layered record of win after win after joyous win and ...

Born to Help

People struggle to buy a car, pay taxes, and feed the family.

The Golden Trilogy

Let's get straight to the point, to observe Lasha Shavduatashvili's reaction: Do you know that, from ...

Judo Eyes: Behind the Scenes

Enchanted by the beauty and energy of judo, we rarely pay attention to the cameras hovering over athletes ...

Mr 8th Dan

In 1984 you had to be an athlete to have a future in Romania.

World Judo Championships Hungary 2021
Miki: Hungary’s Hero

9:12am Miklos Ungvari prepares to fight in the first round at the World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, ...

Tick Tock

We already have the shortest contest of the World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, at least for now.