Julien Goes Around the World (13)

I have a confession to make. In this project, I promised myself that I would take my time to discover ...

A Focus on Judo in Cameroon and its Challenges

Cameroon’s National Head Coach, Mr Alain Feze, is also a doctor of Public Law.

WJC - Doha 2023
Challenge 2020: A Factory of Champions

Georgia is currently in second place in the nations ranking at the World Judo Championships - Doha 2023. ...

WJC - doha 2023
Day 7: the Task Ahead for the World Number Ones

The World Championships - Doha 2023 has less left to go than has passed, with just the heavyweights on ...

WJC - Doha 2023
Fight to Give Hope, Fight to Live

They are not different, really not. They train every day to perform and improve.

WJC - DOHA 2023
Olympic Champions Together in Doha

Becoming Olympic champion is not something every judoka will experience. It is extremely special.

WJC - Doha 2023
Why Do Judoka Bow?

We cannot repeat it enough, judo is more than a sport.

WJC - DOHA 2023
Defending a Title is Harder Than Earning it

On day 3 in Doha, the number one seeds were presented with challengers from way down the pecking order ...

WJC - DOHA 2023
Day 5: The Medals Don't Lie

We have reached the halfway point in Doha with 4 days of individual competition behind us and 3 still ...

WJC - DOHA 2023
Day 3 - Five Things to Look Out for in Doha

Days 1 and 2 in Qatar are already missed a great deal.

Our Collective Responsibility to Remain Human

What is truly at the core of our written judo values? Is it about respect? Is it about tolerance? We ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
A Curious Man (9)

During his first trip to Europe, as we saw, Jigoro Kano never stopped learning and enriching himself ...