My Covid-19

Well, today I’ve had my fifth club family let me know they have corona virus in their house, including ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine

Olympic Champion Fabio Basile talks about his Olympic Dreams, his grandmother's pasta, and sends a message ...

Judo tale
True or false

This is a real story, or maybe not.

In Their Own Words
Life Lessons From a Judo Upbringing

Much is made of the judo code: the set of judoka characteristics and transferable values with which the ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine

4-time World Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou tells us about her childhood, hobbies, recent favourites and ...

A Beautiful Reminder
Sakura: Simple Joy and a Symbol of Life

I was sent a reminder today. It was a simple photograph from a friend’s back garden, of a young tree ...

We will win

There was hope, but it has earned a sense of responsibility.

New episode
CWC - Ashley McKenzie

This Monday, Ashley McKenzie sits down for a Coffee with Celine! Learn more about this British TV star ...

New episode
CWC - Daria Bilodid

Daria Bilodid is the next guest featured on Coffee with Celine! #stayathome and watch #cwc with your ...

Bilodid's family wins the prize of the year!

This Tuesday the city of Kiev announced the best of the best in Ukraine’s sport industry for 2019.

Tournoi de Paris!

"Tournoi international de la ville de Paris” - this is how the Paris Grand Slam would have been known ...


Now we can say we were there to see it. We say it with the pride of the lucky ones who witnessed an historic ...