Delegation Stories
Is It a New Era For Eire?

Irish Judo is not a powerhouse on the world circuit but over the years there have been a small number ...

Abu Dhabi
The Unseen Moments

The warm-up room at any World Judo Tour event is a special place, protected from everything outside, ...

The Last Course

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is like a beachside restaurant announcing the last course.

Athlete Stories
Revenge is a Big Word

A quarter-final against one of the host team judoka saw a confident Shady dispatch his opponent in a ...

Athlete Stories
Honcharko Steps Up

Just 18 years old and fighting for a bronze medal, up against Shamilov (RUS) with his 8 grand slam medals ...

The Refuge

"My father beat my mother and my stepfather too." The protection of children comes first and forever. ...

A Matter of Adaptation
The International Masters Bremen

During the last week, most have been focussed on the World Championships for Veterans in Lisbon but there ...

Day 2 Judo Highlights - 2021 Paris Grand Slam

The 50th edition of the Paris Grand Slam has officially come to an end, with another action-packed day ...


A year ago Cyrille Maret crashed into a car. A year ago a particular ordeal began.

Funny Memories

Fifty years means many anecdotes. Just talking about Paris we could write a book; maybe some day.

Stories From Paris
Loretta: the Grandmother of Judo

In Paris we have a wealth of judo royalty gathering, some working, some competing, some spectating.

Stories From Paris
It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

When an event has been this strong for half a century, the available stories and memories of interest ...