Predictions from Daniel Lascau
What is Going to Happen at the Olympics?

Yes, it is still 6 months to go. Yes, it is reckless to do this now, but it is always interesting to ...

Sylvan Adams, more than a friend

Money does not buy you happiness, but it helps. The Tel Aviv Grand Prix has found the money and, also, ...

Fabio Basile
"My dream is Ono"

He has it thought through, he has it planned, he has even dreamed it. It is the dream of a lifetime.

Story of Kaja
Remember this name!

“Judo in Schools” participant wins Gold in Tel Aviv

Insight on Iliadis
Because he is Iliadis

There are approximately one hundred and fifty of them.

Tel Aviv: Who is Leading The Charge?

It’s time, not just for the IJF World Tour, but specifically the Tel Aviv Grand Prix, and there will ...

Clarisse - “I lost but I did not fail”

What do we see? Medals, robustness, professionalism. We see her breaking records.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Elisabetta Fratini

How many times have I seen Eli’s ‘active now’ notification on at 2am, 3am, as she squeezes every ...

Veterans’ Worlds coming up: No Walk in the Park!

Comes October, it's that time again. Many judo veterans will grab their suitcase and hop on a plane to ...

Golden Talk – Day 7

Day 7 marked the last day of the individual competitions.

The Lighter Side of Judo with … World Champion Noël Van T End

True. Judo as a competitive sport at the highest level is all about winning medals, grabs and throws, ...

Golden Talk – Day 6

Another day of great judo at the IJF Worlds in Tokyo.