Franco Capelletti: The One and Only

Interviewing Franco Capelletti is entering a world of oceanic proportions.

Always Ready

The rich have rich problems. It is what happens when you swim in abundance.

Interview: Syria
Pockets of Hope

The IJF has been working with refugee communities for many years, helping local people establish, run ...

"Heroic Is The First Word"

As a former champion, a judoka to the depths of her soul and a journalist, it can be said that Céline ...

"I Made A Mistake"

We havent seen Christa DEGUCHI (CAN) on the World Judo Tour since February 2020 and her victory in Paris. ...

A Proud Boss

Giorgi Atabegashvili is part of a caste of young and dynamic leaders.

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
From Spotlight to Shadow

As the Tashkent Grand Slam is about to begin, we have been meeting some coaches who, not so long ago, ...

Gili Cohen: the World Keeps Turning

When we see Israeli athletes, in any sport, there is always a gathering of visible, vocal supporters ...

On The Same Page

They have the floor because, after all, they are the main protagonists.

Interviews: #JudoTelAviv

Interviews with the winnners of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2021

Tel Aviv 2021
Chelsie Giles: Throw, Win, Smile

Great Britain’s Chelsie Giles has been on a steady incline for the last couple of years.

From Athlete to Sport Director

You can never escape from judo, they say. Even after finishing a career as a professional athlete, judoka ...