Athlete Stories
Mums in Portugal, on Judo and on Prioritising

Nekoda Davis (GBR), Hannah Martin (USA) and Moira De Villiers (NZL) have something in common, well, a ...

Jerusalem Masters 2022
Rules for Judo and Rules for Life

Florin Daniel Lascau has now spent a year, a whole judo season, spearheading the strategy for refereeing, ...

Athlete Stories

Ukraine’s Daria Bilodid has been world champion 4 times so far.

Jerusalem Masters
The Promise of a Spectacular Close to 2022

The finale of the year on the World Judo Tour is bringing an almost full compliment of the judo family’s ...

His Name Is Ismoil Mahmadzoir

A question, just like this, to begin with: from Buenos Aires to Ottawa, from Johannesburg to Reykjavik, ...

SchoolJudo.EU: Italy Offers Feedback

At the final transnational meeting of the SchoolJudo.

SchoolJudo.EU Continues

Ruben Houkes is one of many key players forming the backbone of the Erasmus+ SchoolJudo.EU project.

Athlete Stories
Tahani Alqahtani (KSA) and Personal Freedom

Wodjan Shaherkani was the first, the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete at the Olympic Games.

Solutions and Alternatives

Kamal Mammadov, Assistant to the President of the Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee, is in Baku ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
Colombia’s New Generation

Coach Baudilio Hernandez is a stalwart of the national team in Colombia.

World Judo Day 2022
Inclusion: Mongolia’s Women Leading the Way

Erdenet-Od Khishigbat has a familiar face, one we have seen around us in judo for decades.

Coach Stories
The Remedy: Spittka and Iliadis

Modern judo, at the elite end of the spectrum, houses a number of countries as it’s furniture.