Tokyo GS
-73kg: Heydarov Sets the Record Straight

Last year’s Tokyo Grand Slam winner at -73kg, Soichi Hashimoto, has already secured his place at the ...

Tokyo GS
-57kg: Deguchi Leads the Way

In our preview for the Tokyo Grand Slam 2023, we noted that the ongoing battle for supremacy and an Olympic ...

Lisa Allan and Hedvig Karakas Graduated at the Kodokan

As the Tokyo Grand Slam was about to begin, an important event took place at the Kodokan premises in ...

Tokyo GS
Tokyo is Ready to Close the Season

The last draw of the season took place on Friday 1st December without a hitch.

Tokyo GS
The Preview: Four Things to Get Excited About

This weekend the IJF World Judo Tour heads to Japan, the home of judo, for the final stop on this year’s ...

Tokyo GS
Diversity and Spectacle in the Home of Judo

There are 88 nations inscribed for this weekend’s Tokyo Grand Slam and many of them we don’t meet ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The Vision (10)

As we have seen from a very young age, Kano Jigoro Shihan was attracted to and passionate about education, ...

The Chargé d'Affaires of the Japanese Embassy in Libya Visits the Libyan Judo Federation

In October 2023 Mr Masaaki Amadera and his accompanying delegation were welcomed at the Libyan national ...

Maruyama Follows in the Best Footsteps

Throughout the history of judo there has been an understanding that to learn from each other, to travel ...

The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (21): Naohisa Takato (JPN)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers thought-provoking words and ...

Cadet Worlds
It's Going to be Close

Heavyweight day always feels different, on the World Judo Tour, at the biggest championships and also ...

Who else wants an autograph from Ono Shohei?

Who else wants an autograph from Ono Shohei?