Zagreb GP
Getting Close to Our Heroes

Where in the world can we come close to the elite in a way that touches us, in a way that inspires us? ...

Judo Values
Happy National Superhero Day!

In the United States of America it is National Superhero Day, first established by the Marvel dynasty ...

Growing Together
First IJF Global Media Session

It is accepted that the pace of our judo lives is fast, sometimes very fast, with the need to publish ...

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About… Nekoda Davis

We all know about the world bronze medal from Budapest in 2017 and we know about the world silver medal ...

Ilias Iliadis: The Way to Become a Champion in Life

Even if he has retired from the world circuit for a few years, he is one of those champions nobody forgets. ...

See you soon Emilie

From her own confession, Émilie Andéol did not always have an easy career, yet she managed to overcome ...

Neil Adams Awarded 9th Dan

Ahead of the final block, British judo legend Neil ADAMS, a double Olympic silver medallist, 1981 world ...

Clarisse Agbegnenou Queen of Bercy

She has not yet reached the seven victories in Paris of her illustrious elder Lucie Decosse, but Clarisse ...

I will be back here in 2020

This may be what the Parisian public will remember from the ceremony in honor of Teddy Riner: the ten-time ...

Hashimoto Soichi (JPN)

Hashimoto Soichi, born August 24 1991, is the current -73kg World Champion.

Ilham Zakiyev: An Exemplary Colossus

The man is a true colossus, of those who impose respect just by entering a room and whose sports record ...

Paula Pareto: An iron-will

'La pequeña' is how everyone calls her in Argentina, 'The Small One'.