Judo for Refugees
Tatami Talks in South Africa

A pilot project for the ‘Connected by Judo’ programme that is being developed in partnership with ...

Judo for Peace
IJF Partners with UNHCR to Connect Refugees

The IJF Judo for Peace programme has a long history in the southern countries of Africa, with specific ...

Judo Serves Peace

Created in 2007, the Judo for Peace Commission has the objective of coordinating existing initiatives ...

Zimbabwe Supports Refugees

The Judo Association of Zimbabwe (JAZ) joined the family of federations supporting refugees around the ...

WJD 2021
Happy World Solidarity Judo Day

The great annual educational gathering of the judo family, based on judo values, is now.

Judo Celebrates Peace

Every year, since 1981, on 21st September, the international community celebrates the International Day ...

Judo for Refugees
A New Dojo for Refugees in Zambia

As the refugee crisis swells more and more every day around the world, the Zambia Judo Association (ZJA) ...

Judo for Refugees
Judo: The Way to Freedom From Almost Inescapable Kabul

The information fell on Saturday morning, 21st August.

From Johannesburg to Tokyo

The journey from Johannesburg to Tokyo is long, a 24 hour trip covering 13,527km.

World Refugee Day
You Can Do It! So, Do It!

For World Refugee Day, which takes place on 20th June, the judoka of the Judo for Peace South Africa ...

Judo for Peace Safeguarding Workshop in Malawi

While hundreds of athletes, including the IJF Refugee Team, were competing at the World Judo Championships ...

Judo for Refugees
6 Judoka Integrate With the Olympic Refugee Team

Finding out, for an athlete, that he or she will participate in the Olympic Games is always an emotional ...