Nothing Can Stop Judo in South Africa

In August 2020, despite the global health situation, the Judo for Peace South Africa programme, under ...

Masks without Borders

For several weeks the Zambian Judo Association (ZJA) has been criss-crossing the country, successfully ...

World Refugee Day
Judo for Ethiopians, Judo is my home

Ethiopia is a relative newcomer to the international judo family, but the Ethiopian Judo Association ...

World Refugee Day
Judo Side by Side With Refugees

Today, 20th June, the world is celebrating UNHCR's World Refugee Day, established by the United Nations ...

World Refugee Day
Mohammad Rashnonezhad Hopes for the Best

Mohammad Rashnonezhad has been living in the Netherlands for more than two years.

World Refugee Day
IJF helped Us to have a Future Again

On 20th June, the world will remember that there are millions of refugees across the planet, who had ...

Judo for the World
Judo contributes to saving the Planet and instilling Peace

It was already known that the International Judo Federation was very active in the field of peace.

Judo for Refugees
IJF pledge Support for Refugees Ahead of First-ever Global Refugee Forum

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) AND UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, announced ...

Judo continues to grow in Za'atari

Alaa Qasim Alwadi is the epitome of a respected judo teacher by his students, who are regularly invited ...

Judo for Peace
The Republic of Sport Opens it's doors to Judo

On September 19, a special judo session was organized in Lausanne as part of the Sport & Migrants Mineurs ...

Our country is the tatami

They are, so to speak, from all over Africa. But for once, this trip was a choice, even a gift.

World Refugee Day
Congolese Stars help the Young Generation

On the Occasion of the World Refugee Day, discover the story of Fabien Kutama Musuyu and Beaugus Bonianga. ...