Refereeing and Coaching
A Week of Great Commitment for an Educational Seminar and Exams in Almaty

Another objective was achieved at the educational seminar in Almaty, organised by the IJF in collaboration ...

Lima Education Seminar Boosts Panamerican Judo

On 26th June 2024, Peru was once again the hub of Panamerican judo with referees and coaches coming together ...

Tonino Chyurlia: a Life of Curiosity

Tonino Chyurlia is the secretary of the IJF Referee Commission and also an EJU Referee Commissioner.

One Big Step Closer to the Games

The Olympic Ranking List for judoka is competitive, analysed and monitored in fine detail by federations, ...

Referee Stories
Ioana Babiuc: Helping Someone in the Right Moment is the Point

The faces of the World Judo Tour become evermore familiar the closer we get to an Olympic Games.

Referee Stories
To Be Calm is Key

Being a world number one is something special, no matter the area of expertise, from the best judoka ...

Baku GS 2024
Essential Moments of Education Continue in Baku

Ahead of the Baku Grand Slam, as is now the case for all World Judo Tour events, the Head Referee Directors ...

Refereeing and Coaching
Ambition and Realism During the Refereeing and Coaching Seminar

Prior to Grand Prix Portugal 2024, the judo calendar of this important Olympic year began in Gyor, Hungary, ...

IJF President Delivers His message to the Referees and Coaches

The weekend was busy as dozens of coaches and referees from all over the world gathered together in Gyor, ...

In Gyor, the World of Judo Works Together

In a week we will be able to say that the World Judo Tour 2024 has started and that it is already in ...

Refereeing and Coaching
LIVE: IJF Refereeing and Coaching Seminar 2024

Follow the IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 live on JudoTV

IJF Asian Region Refereeing and Coaching Seminar Open in Shanghai

Between the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and the Tokyo Grand Slam, the judo planet doesn't stop turning.