Refereeing Seminar

Follow the EJU refereeing and coaching seminar in Coimbra, Portugal, live.

Continental Events Live

Follow the continental events of the weekend.

European Judo Union
European Judo Events on JUDOTV.COM

The International Judo Federation is happy to announce that in partnership with the European Judo Union, ...

2023 News
Mittersill is Over Already!

2023 is here! We know you knew that but it’s not just here, it’s already trying to run away from ...

European Championships for Cadets
To Perfect Oneself

We have read Jigoro Kano’s philosophy about always striving to perfect oneself in order to then contribute ...

EJU and IJF are ready to work together
Laszlo "Tothal" Meritocracy

For a journalist, Laszlo Toth is what is considered to be a good client.

New EJU President Elected

The EJU ExtraordinaryCongress was held in Vienna today, with a long and progressive agenda but with one ...

EJU Celebrates the Olympic Champions

2021 was an Olympic year, a year of great successes, especially for the European athletes, who were celebrated ...

Support Aris Leonidis

The European Judo Union has launched a global initiative, called Judoka for Judoka, to support Aris Leonidis ...

Europe Organised the Final Training Camp Before Tokyo 2020

Even if it is the National Olympic Committees, representing nations, which participate in the Olympic ...

Toma Nikiforov and other Judokas Flag Bearer for their Delegation during European Games Opening Ceremony

Belgian judoka Toma Nikiforov will be the flag bearer for the Belgian delegation during the opening ceremony ...


On Saturday, March 3rd, the Austrian Judo Federation and the International Judo Federation organized ...