Paris 2024
It's All About Collaboration

Vladimir Barta is the IJF Head Sport Director. During the Paris 2024 Games, he will also occupy another ...

Paris 2024
Successful Together

Larisa Kiss, Head of International Relations for the IJF, was an important observer of the test event, ...

Cadet Worlds
The World Cadet Mixed Team Champions are...

After 4 intense, thrilling, joyous days of individual competition, the best cadets in the world have ...

Paris 2024
The Games of a New Era Are Only a Year Away!

Everyone only talks about that, already, only thinks about that.

The Awakening of the Phoenix

Do you know Ugo Legrand (FRA) or should we say, do you remember Ugo Legrand? We definitely do.

An Exceptional Event That Kept All its Promises

The second edition of the 2023 French Veterans Championship took place in Paris a few days ago.

The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (5): Cathy Fleury (FRA)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers some thought-provoking words ...

WJC -DOHA 2023
France Came Close But Japan Are the World Mixed Team Champions Again

The team event has long been a highlight of the world judo championships, especially so since the mixed-team ...

Shirine, Stay on the Right Road

At the World Championships in Qatar there was a very public, much-talked-about rivalry at -48kg, one ...

WJC - DOHA 2023
Clarisse Just Changed the World

We have always known that women have to stop competing once it’s time to start their families.

WJC - Doha 2023
A Life of Passion at the Service of Judo

Jean-Luc Rougé has been the IJF General Secretary for the last twelve years and after a career dedicated ...

Hands on, with Blandine Pont

Having won two grand slams back to back, Blandine Pont has made big waves both in French judo and the ...