Seminar Reinforces the Presence of Judo in Ethiopia

A judo techniques and refereeing seminar for beginners and coaches was held from 11th to 15th March 2024 ...

Johannes Daxbacher Awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

Bavaria’s European Minister Eric Beißwenger awarded the Cross of Merit with Ribbon of the Order of ...

Tsegaye Degineh Awarded in Addis Ababa

Dr Tsegaye Degineh, President of the Ethiopia Judo & Ju-Jitsu Association, was awarded with the Ethiopian ...

For a Safer Society

How safe do we feel in society? This is an important question. The police plays a big part in this.

The German Police is Interested in Judo Values

On the occasion of the federal meeting of the Catholic police chaplains in Germany, about 70 participants ...

Judo and Medicine
Judo Inspires at the Federal Conference on Neurofibromatosis in Weimar

Judo is not limited to what happens on the tatami.

A Unique Experience

Johannes Daxbacher, Head of the IJF Police Commission, visited Japan recently with a group of judoka ...

Building a Positive Image to Build Bridges

Johannes Daxbacher is the head of the IJF Police Commission.

Gender Equity - Inclusion
Inclusion: Former States Minister on Tatami

H.E. Carolina Trautner, former Bavarian States Minister for Family and Social Issues, who is still a ...

Judo as Input for German Police Sport

It is not a secret that police officers have to be physically and mentally fit to meet with the daily ...

Judo for Peace
Peace Is in Good Hands in South Africa

On 19th March 2022 we wrote about the visit of Johannes and Regina Daxbacher to Lesotho and South Africa. ...

Judo for Peace
South Africa and Lesotho Focus on Peace

March 2022 has been a busy month for the judo family in the Southern hemisphere, with Sensei Johannes ...