Judo for Peace
Crans Montana Forum: Sport Can Shape the World

In a world in perpetual evolution, facing changes which for some threaten its very existence, time is ...

Judo for Peace South Africa
News From the Tatami

The Judo for Peace South Africa (JFPSA) programme keeps developing at a steady pace, proposing judo activities ...

Judo for Peace
They Are Not Alone

Despite the difficulties and the hardship, Ukrainian children continue to move towards their goals and ...

Judo for Peace
Nike EMEA Partner Summit: Partnership and Success

The two words, partnership and success, can summarise perfectly the two-day event organised in Hilversum, ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in Portugal

A representative of one of the biggest judo schools in Portugal, the school of Olympic bronze medallist ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
WJD in Saudi Arabia

World Judo Day 2022 was celebrated in many countries around the world.

WJD 2022

Message From Mr Marius Vizer, International Judo Federation President, on the occasion of the 2022 World ...

Happy World Judo Day 2022!

Inclusion, Uniting the Judo Family!

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
What Does Inclusion Mean to You?

To us it means a gaping space where exclusion tried to muscle in.

Judo for Peace
Judo for Peace in Zimbabwe

The Judo Association of Zimbabwe hosted a two day competition in Harare on 23rd and 24th September 2022. ...

IJF and AJU Presidents Meet the Pope

The cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the Vatican, in the heart of Rome, was the scene of a conference ...

WJD 2022, Inclusion, Judo for Peace
WJD 2022, Judo is Safe in Malawi

There is an adage which says, “All that begins well ends well.