The Earth shook and it shook hard in Türkiye and Syria, in an area that the IJF and the Judo for Peace programme know well, since part of the damage is in the vicinity of Kilis.
The Syrian children from the Judo for Peace programme are safe

At the time of writing, the death toll from the three tremors that hit southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria on Monday and Tuesday has already reached more than 5,000.

In a recent exchange with our partners on site, we learned that the young beneficiaries of the Judo for Peace programme are safe for the moment. Unfortunately, we also learned that the family of one of the coaches in charge of the project has been directly affected.

The conditions are difficult and will remain so in the weeks to come. While waiting to learn more and to be able to actively support our friends there, we would like to express our solidarity with the Turkish and Syrian people affected by the natural disaster of these last days.

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