Judo for Peace
Exchange and Interaction

At the invitation of Delphine Britten, professor of modern literature in both the high school and university ...

Forever Everest
Forever Everest Meets its Public

On 25th May 2022, Sabrina Filzmoser, four-time Olympian and world and continental medallist in judo, ...

Judo for Peace
It's all About Inclusion and Non-Discrimination

The end of the year is already approaching as the Judo for Peace South Africa programme remains focused ...

There Is Light Over Saudi Arabia

The tone is cheerful, the smile communicative; Dr Abdulaziz Albassam, President of the Saudi Judo Federation, ...

Judo for Peace
IJF Nominated for the Peace and Sport Awards

On the eve of the World Combat Games Riyadh 2023, the Peace and Sport Middle-East Formum 2023 will also ...

Judo for Peace South Africa
Summer Was Busy for JFP South Africa

Judo for Peace South Africa has been active in the country for several years under the leadership of ...

Jufo for Peace
Judo Brings Smiles Back to Children

The city of Kilis has been the scene of an extensive IJF Judo for Peace and Judo for Children programme ...

Judo for Peace
More Hope in Somalia

In 2021 we explained how judo could restore hope to a people scarred by years of bloody war.

Judo for Peace
Judo for Refugees Moves on in Zambia

The Judo for Peace and more specifically the Judo for Refugees programme have been running for many years ...

Judo for Refugees
World Refugee Day: From Celebration to Responsibility

The calendar, each year, is filled with celebrations, commemorations and anniversary dates.

Judo for Peace
Afghanistan in Astana, Much More Than a Symbol

Their names are Ahmad Shabir (-66kg), Mod Reshad (-73kg), Mirullah (-66kg), Faisal (-90kg) and Jamaluddin ...

Judo for Peace
Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe are Ready to Gather Fruit

Judo has been developing for years in the refugee camps in the southern African zone.