A major surprise punctuated the +78kg category. It was the world number 2 Raz Hershko (ISR) who paid the price. After a first victory against Oxana Diacenco (ROU), she was opposed to Elis Startseva (AIN), 154th on the ranking list. However, it was the latter who qualified for the semi-final, sending Hershko to the repechage. The Israeli champion then won her fight to reach the bronze medal contest.
Final, Rochele Nunes (POR) vs Beatriz Souza (BRA)

Who could then take Hershko's place? Would Startseva be able to repeat her feat against Rochele Nunes (POR)? Not exactly. In a tactical and perfectly controlled bout the Portuguese judoka pushed Startseva to faulter, disqualified for three consecutive shido.

Gold medallist, Beatriz Souza (BRA)

Today was the come back of double world champion Sarah Asahina, who saw Akira Sone (JPN) take the lead in Japan in recent years. Starting well in the competition without being seeded, she faced Beatriz Souza (BRA) in the semi-final and had to bow out to eventually be qualified for the bronze medal contest.

The last final of the women's categories was spoken in Portuguese as it opposed Rochele Nunes (POR) and Beatriz Souza (BRA).

Bronze medal contest, Raz Hershko (ISR) vs Sarah Asahina (JPN)

Like the two matches for bronze medals which were disputed before, the final went to a penalty game, Rochele Nunes being penalised one more times than Beatriz Souza, who therefore won the title.

Bronze medal contest, Larisa Ceric (BIH) vs Elis Startseva (AIN)

Raz Hershko (ISR) still had a chance to reach the podium but before that she had to confront Sarah Asahina (JPN). More active than her opponent who looked out of tempo, Raz Hershko won after Sarah Asahina was penalised a third time for passivity.

Larisa Ceric (BIH) and Elis Startseva (AIN) were the last athletes qualified for a bronze medal contest. With three shido to her name Elis Startseva could not contend the medal, which went to Larisa Ceric.

Medals, cheques et flowers were presented by Mr Neil Adams, Commentator of the International Judo Federation, World Champion, Double Silver Olympic Medallist, and Member of the IJF Hall of Fame, and Mr Manuel Cortes, Referee Supervisor of the International Judo Federation

Final (+78 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (+78 kg)

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