Inspired by the International Judo Federation, which yesterday celebrated International Women’s Day during the Upper Austria Grand Prix in the city of Linz, Judo Club Liberty Oradea, Romania, continued the initiative from the world tribune to club level.

Sensei Loredana and Bianca in the training hall and sensei Alina from a distance, prepared a surprise for the judo community of the club. At the same time, parents and children also prepared their own surprises.

Stepping into the dojo the small judo girls and their mothers were greeted in a warm atmosphere and invited to a photo session to keep the memory of this day in all minds.

The IJF posters were presented first through the children, girls and boys, and after that the photo session continued with the mothers present in the dojo.

“We try to involve the children in every aspect of our global education, among themselves and in society, using every tool that our beloved judo provides. The culture of our club is to bring together the children and their parents by organising and running different events,” explained Loredana, before adding, “Spring began on 1st March, which we call the ‘Martisor’ day, dedicated to the start of the new season. One week later, it is time for International Women’s Day. This is the day of celebrating all women in our lives, in the family, at school and in the dojo.

Sensei Bianca with Raul (3 months)

First, we must mention that our club is led by women exclusively. We are three sensei who are all women and mothers and we care about all judoka as we care about our own children. Therefore, the confidence of the parents is mirrored in the high number of female judoka in the different groups.

The parents were also invited

We hope that our judo girls, boys and all mothers are taking happiness from this day and will continue in the same mood throughout this amazing Olympic year!”

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