It is not a secret that police officers have to be physically and mentally fit to meet with the daily challenges of their job. The German Police Sports Federation (Deutsches Polizeisportkuratorium – DPSK), which has a signed partnership with the German Judo Federation (DJB), is aware of this fact and therefore supports the fitness of the German police personnel with different measures, such as regional and German Police Championships or the support of Spitzensport (elite sport).

Another important pillar is the annual seminar for sport teachers and trainers, who are conducting the compulsory programme Sport on Duty for the police forces. These seminars promote new ideas and offer some input regarding implementation. 

Around 40 police officers and intervention trainers from all over Germany participated in this sports seminar in Selm, Nordrhein-Westfalen. All of  them are involved in the huge field of fitness and safety for the police and will work as multipliers in their surroundings. 

After the welcome speech of Mr Frank Schemmer, General Secretary of DPSK, Dr Christel Bernstein lectured on the basics of sport science and the necessity of physical fitness, while Mr Andreas Eberlein gave an introduction and some exercises in the field of mental training.

Johannes Daxbacher, head of DPSK for self defence, judo, ju-jutsu and head of the IJF Police Commission, offered a sample of different exercises and small competition games. He also delivered theoretical information about the systems of combat games and an important segment on how to prevent injuries during fighting games.

The goal of this seminar was to offer new ideas and possibilities for the police service sports people, closer to realistic interventions. At the end of the practical session there was a period of constructive discussion about judo, sports in general and police values.

“We had an interesting and great time together, thanks to this great chance to implement another style within police sports," concluded Johannes Daxbacher. 

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