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IJF Registered Testing Pool - under revision

The IJF RTP (IJF ADR 5.6) consist of the following set of athletes:

By World Ranking position (World Ranking)

  • Athletes identified by Risk Assessment based on their sport career and other relevant factors according to the WADA requirements

By Anti-doping Rules (Suspended)

  • Athletes serving their ineligibility

By other reasons (Other)

  • Any athletes returning to competition after retirement (IJF ADR 5.7)
  • Athletes of countries with non-compliant NADOs on the request of WADA
  • Athletes of countries with compliant NADOs on the request of the NADO or WADA

Athletes marked as retired are obliged to comply with the IJF Anti-doping Rules (Art. 5.7) before returning to competition.

Continent Country Weight Family name Given name Selection criteria

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