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Idalys Ortiz: in a Great Place

An Olympic champion with 4 Olympic medals in total.

Antalya Grand Slam 2022 - Highlights

Antalya Grand Slam 2022 - The highlights

What We Have Seen

Four tournaments, like four irrefutable proofs of market volatility.

Antalya Grand Slam: A Fantastic Development Tool

The Antalya Grand Slam 2022 concluded today with the last five categories: Women -78kg and +78kg and ...

Technical Analysis
Antalya, Day 3: Homework Completed by Pan-America

Carlo Knoester has been active in judo at all levels in his native South Africa, in his current home ...

Antalya Focusses on Solidarity, Friendship, Unity and Peace

Like the first day of competition, the Antalya Grand Slam offered the judo we like to see: committed, ...

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Antalya, Day 2: Everyone Needs Ne-Waza

Olympic and world medallist Annett Boehm is a judo fan as much as she is an elite athlete.

Technical Analysis
Antalya, Day 1: Important Distinctions

Florin Daniel Lascau was himself a world champion in 1991 but since then he has made a point of collecting ...

A Generous Day in Antalya

The sun was generous today on the Turquoise Coast for the first day of the Antalya Grand Slam in Turkey, ...

Coach Erika Miranda

In September 2007 a fresh-faced 20 year old Erika Miranda competed at her first senior world championships. ...

Antalya: Big Entry and Big Expectations

The Antalya Grand Slam is one not to miss, with a host of judo stars present from all around the world, ...

Olympic Mixed Team Champions - Team France

We caught up with some of the Olympic Mixed Team Champions, who shared stories about their historic win, ...