Grand Slam Paris 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 2: Respectful Professionalism

Paris really is different from any other event in the world, with its history, it’s glorious list of ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
It's Fitting for France To Be First

At the end of the preliminary rounds the cheers in the Bercy geared up like engines towards a finish ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
+78kg: A Korean Victory Denies the French Campaign

Romane Dicko was supposed to win today. It’s Paris, she’s the world number one and everyone loves ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
+100kg: Teddy Towers Over Paris for a Sixth Time

This category has a number of World Judo Tour stars in the mix but the French crowd is really here for ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
-70kg: The Junior Defeats Two World Champions for Gold

Barbara Matic, double world champion and Croatian heroine, took 9 seconds to win her first contest but ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
-78kg: Tcheumeo All the Way

Wins for New Zealand, Guinea and Ecuador shone in round one and suggested a new level of diversity may ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
-81kg: Cavelius Came Close but Tato Triumphs

The top half of the draw brought Grigalashvili (GEO) and Albayrak (TUR) to their rightful places in the ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
-90kg: Welcome Back Van T End

Bekauri arrived with the gold back patch reserved for Olympic champions.

Grand Slam Paris 2023
-100kg: Korrel Takes a Second Gold for the Netherlands

Turoboyev (UZB) and Krpalek (CZE) must have been among the ones to watch for most people tuning in to ...

IJF Awards
IJF Awards Winners

The IJF Awards were presented today before the start of the final block of the second day of competition. ...

IJF Ambassador
Lior Raz Becomes IJF Ambassador

On the occasion of the Paris Grand Slam 2023, the IJF President, Mr Marius Vizer, was pleased to present ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
A Tribute to Cyrille Maret

For long minutes before the start of the final block of the second day of competition in Paris, the public ...