At Rio 2016, the first Refugee Olympic Team created by the International Olympic Committee represented close to 60 million displaced people worldwide. Two judoka were among the selected athletes.

The Refugee Olympic Team in Paris will represent more than 100 million displaced people and will include 6 judoka.

The digital campaign launched today by the International Olympic Committee is entitled “1 in 100 Million” to highlight one team that stands for over 100 million people.

It champions the refugee athletes and celebrates their strength. The goal is to inspire as many people as possible to show support for the Refugee Olympic Team and open the eyes of the world to the enormous and underestimated scale of the global refugee crisis.

Support the Refugee Olympic Team on their road to Paris 2024 and at the Games.

The selected judo athletes are: Mohammad Rashnonezhad (-60kg), Muna Dahouk (-57kg), Arab Sibghatullah (-81kg), Nigara Shaheen (-63kg), Adnan Khankan (-100kg) and Mahboubeh Barbari Zharfi (+78kg).

“We / I support the Refugee Olympic Team as they go forward on the road to Paris 2024! What about you?! #ForThe100Million

Follow their journey @RefugeeOlympicTeam”

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