On the eve of the World Combat Games Riyadh 2023, the Peace and Sport Middle-East Formum 2023 will also be held in Saudi Arabia. On that special occasion, the International Judo Federation has been nominated for the @Peaceandsport Awards. We are proud to be recognised for our efforts in promoting peace through sport. Thank you to our amazing team and partners who made this possible.

In its neutrality, fairness and universality, sport represents a powerful catalyst for building a culture of peace and collective wellbeing through dialogue. For many years the IJF, through all its development activities, including Judo for Peace, Judo for Refugees, Judo for Children, Judo in Schools and more, has been advocating for the unique power of sport to foster social cohesion, empower women and youth, and develop a peaceful coexistence among communities, following Jigoro Kano's dream.

Under the theme ‘sport is an answer for peace,’ the Peace and Sport Middle-East Forum, powered by the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC), will bring together international experts and local decision-makers to demonstrate and define policies to deploy sport for transmitting positive values, attitudes and behaviours.

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