Judo is an art; it can be martial, but it can also be poetic. During the recent visit to the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, young beneficiaries of the Judo for Peace programme transformed their love for the sport into poetry. Discover their work and especially their talent.
Miradi Badibanga

Judo Seeds: Growing Strong by Miradi Badibanga

We step on the mat, small but keen, White belts now, but dreams unseen. Judo's lessons, strong and true, Respect and focus, see us through.

Every tumble, every fall, Makes us stronger, hears our call. Ukemi soft, a graceful art, Discipline's fire in our heart.

Seoi-nage, o-soto-gari, loud, We practise hard, a growing crowd. Girls and boys, side by side we stand, Judo's power, in every land.

Uta Abe, Clarisse too, Distria's strength inspires us through. Francesca, Mado, names we hold dear, Judo empowers, conquers fear.

So we train on, with grit and grace, Building futures, finding our place. Judo's journey, never done, Champions rising, one by one!

Mathew Kalamba

Judo Journey: Malawi's Finest by Mathew Kalamba

On mats we met in eighteen's dawn, White belts then, a journey drawn. Judo's code, our guiding light, Respect and honour, day and night.

Through sweat and throws, we've learned to bend, Yielding strength, a fight to mend. Ukemi falls, with focus keen, Discipline's flame, forever seen.

From stumbles small, our throws took flight, Seoi-nage, o-soto-gari, might. Juno kata, the essence flowed, Harmony found, a seed was sewn.

Now champions stand, Malawi's pride, Gold medals gleam, with struggles tied. Judo's spirit, a burning fire, Friendship forged, a bond that's higher.

We journey on, with hearts alight, Forever learning, reaching new heights. Judo's path, a winding road, Growth and respect, the heavy load.

Bernard Pro

Judo for peace! By Bernard Pro

At first I thought, ‘It's for fitness.’ Once there, I found that it's for happiness For those living in hopelessness

Secondly I thought it was for self defence But it's to build a fence Against boys who like to offend Through the weakness of girls

Judo for peace!

Judo is a garden of multi-culture Bringing unity to human creatures It's based on respect and discipline For all of nature

Judo for peace!

This is true gender equality It promotes unity And brings girls security It empowers feminism And fights against tribalism, For it supports humanism

Judo doesn't tolerate fight For it promotes human rights, Makes all live as one and the world a comfortable zone, Love, respect and discipline The daily slogan

Judo for peace!

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