The months of April and May were particularly busy for the Judo for Peace South Africa programme, which keeps developing at a steady pace, proposing judo activities to more and more young people, helping them to integrate and find a better life. Funded by the International Judo Federation in collaboration with UNHCR, JFPSA is working hand in hand with Nike, Three2Six, Future Families, Grassroots Soccer and Judo South Africa.

Among the activities proposed to the beneficiaries of the JFPSA were:

COACHING WITH NIKE: Four of the JFPSA coaches took part in a three-day coaching course at the Nike Shapa centre in Soweto, Johannesburg. The event was conducted by two experts from Youth Sport Trust Int. On the last day of the training the coaches had the opportunity to meet with Mzwandile Stick (rugby: Springbocks’ assistant coach) and had the opportunity to hear first hand his inspirational life story.

Coaching with Nike

IDSDP: On the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace (6th April ), JFPSA celebrated with some exciting activities. A dance instructor was invited to teach the judoka some cool dance moves. After a powerful judo session, the team concluded the celebration with photos of their white cards and a delicious meal.

International Day of Sports for Development and Peace

NEW DOJO: A new dojo has opened recently at a nursery school in Blairgowrie, Randburg. The children are excited and passionate about the sport but most importantly they love their coaches, Sbusiso and Sandile.

A new dojo has opened

VI: Visually impaired Paralympic judoka, Lamane Ndeybo, brought a wave of inspiration to the JFPSA team during his visit to Berea. With his unique training methods, Ndeybo left the team awestruck and motivated. His presence on the mat ignited excitement among the athletes who eagerly absorbed his expertise. Ndeybo's visit not only offered a fresh perspective but also showcased the remarkable capabilities of Paralympic athletes, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Visually impaired Paralympic judoka, Lamane Ndeybo, brought a wave of inspiration to the JFPSA team

QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE: The spirit of competition continues to drive JFPSA forward. With the judo moral code firmly embedded in their hearts and minds, the team remains tirelessly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Always poised and ready for the next challenge, their passion for the sport knows no bounds.

Joy and pride radiate from every member as they proudly display the medals they've earned, a testament to their hard work and unwavering determination.

AIR FRANCE: JFPSA embodies more than just the spirit of competition standing as a beacon of camaraderie and community building. Recently, the Air France KLM team joined in on the mat for a memorable team-building event. Nathaniel Chetty, from Air France KLM human resources, expressed the team's heartfelt appreciation, describing the experience as both enlightening and exhilarating.

Air France KLM team joined in on the mat for a memorable team-building event

Nathaniel Chetty said, "As we continue to unite through the power of sport, initiatives like Judo for Peace exemplify our collective dedication to fostering stronger, more connected communities. We extend our gratitude to the entire Air France KLM team for their enthusiastic participation and support."

The activities that took place in the last two months show clearly that JFPSA goes beyond the simple practice of the sport. It is all about inclusion, integration and diversity. As the summer approaches, all the judoka, young and less young, will closely follow the Olympic Games and will find further inspiration in the months to come. Generations of judo people who embody the values of judo are in the making in South Africa.

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