Judo is the Sport for Peace, Unity and Friendship

The International Judo Federation announces that athletes from the Russian Judo Federation have registered ...

Tbilisi GS 2022 - Top Ippon

Tbilisi Grand Slam 2022 - Top ippon

Tbilisi Grand Slam 2022: Day 3
Sometimes It's Good To Be Wrong

We had a bad feeling, probably because the second day had been great in terms of quality.

Tbilisi Day 3: Technical Analysis
Drama, Excellence and Consistency

IJF Head Referee Director Armen Bagdasarov became Uzbekistan’s first ever Olympic medallist, with a ...

"Nobody Should Ever See What I Have Seen"

He is a man who economises on his gestures. He moves slowly, cautiously, as if he wanted to go unnoticed. ...

Interviews: #JudoTbilisi

Interviews: #JudoTbilisi

Tbilisi Grand Slam 2022: Day 2
Home of the Braves

Lasha Shavdatuashvili has yet to have a monument erected.

Tbilisi Day 2: Technical Analysis
Nothing Missing

Carlo Knoester, IJF Referee Supervisor in Tbilisi, has stepped forward to offer a technical analysis ...

Judoka Focus: Lasha
The CEO of his Tatami

With a bye in the first round, because that is your reward for being the number one seed, a seemingly ...

Tbilisi Grand Slam 2022: Day 1
Georgian Rock 'N' Roll

In organisational terms, if we wanted to compare, Japan would be a Beethoven symphony, France a Vivaldi ...

Tbilisi Technical Analysis, Day 1
And Attack They Did!

It is day 1 of the grand slam in Georgia and there is much to be thankful for, not least of which is ...

The Pantheon Of Photos

A small, narrow street; stopping the car means causing a traffic jam.