Baku GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 3: We Love Clean Ashi-Waza

For the final day in Baku, the technical analysis is given by Olympic champion and IJF Head Referee Director, ...

Baku GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 2: A Range of Techniques Increases the Probability of Winning

Olympic, world and European champion Tina Trstenjak has made a smooth transition from the on-mat business ...

Referee Stories
To Be Calm is Key

Being a world number one is something special, no matter the area of expertise, from the best judoka ...

Baku GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 1: A Rounded Judo Education is Rewarded.

Mohamed Meridja is the Education and Coaching Director of the IJF, a stalwart of the World Judo Tour ...

Athlete Stories
Shirine Boukli: Being in This Team

Shirine Boukli is adored in Paris. She lit up the Accor Arena last weekend with her performances and ...

The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (29): Emilie Andeol (FRA)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers thought-provoking words and ...

Athlete Stories
An Baul: Paris, the Games and Choi Min-Ho

An Baul (KOR) has become something of a judo icon, with fans all over the world eager to see him compete, ...

Paris Grand Slam Summary and Day 3 Technical Analysis

Three days of electrifying competition have come to an end.

Paris GS 2024
Let's Make an Appointment!

On Saturday 3rd February Clarisse Agbegnenou again knocked at the door of greatness, pushed another boundary ...

Athlete Stories
Jossinet is Back at Home

The crowd in Paris is not simply an audience of spectators, that is only part of the composition.

Paris GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 2: The Young Ones are Bringing New Challenge

Jose Manuel Cortes (ESP) is now an IJF Referee Supervisor, having completed an exemplary refereeing career, ...

Athlete Stories
Anna Bernholm (SWE) Says Goodbye in Paris

Paris is the perfect place, without caveat. It is a perfect occasion for huge surprises, for debuts, ...