Gili Cohen: the World Keeps Turning

When we see Israeli athletes, in any sport, there is always a gathering of visible, vocal supporters ...

On The Same Page

They have the floor because, after all, they are the main protagonists.

Interviews: #JudoTelAviv

Interviews with the winnners of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2021

Tel Aviv 2021
Chelsie Giles: Throw, Win, Smile

Great Britain’s Chelsie Giles has been on a steady incline for the last couple of years.

From Athlete to Sport Director

You can never escape from judo, they say. Even after finishing a career as a professional athlete, judoka ...

Judoka Story
I Know Where I Am

We see each other waiting patiently for our flight to Tel Aviv, sitting at the gate at Paris Charles ...

Tina Trstenjak: Where There is Effort...

Whose CV includes the triple crown of Olympic, world and continental gold, all held at the same time? ...

1980 Women’s World Championships: Interview
The Witness and The Beneficiary

In 1937 a dictatorship-style government was in power in Brazil, gaining strength and imposing rules that ...

Kerrye Katz

As Australia is in the Antipodes, this time, we will do things the other way around and we will start ...

New York, 1980: Interview
Margherita De Cal: An Ordinary Trailblazer

All the interviews talk in the present tense because when these trailblazers take themselves back, for ...

Jocelyne Triadou: The Rage to Win

With multiple medals from major international competitions, including five European titles, Jocelyne ...

Jane Bridge: The Survival Instinct

Born on 4th February 1960 in England, Jane Bridge is known for being among the first women in history ...