A Matter of Adaptation
The International Masters Bremen

During the last week, most have been focussed on the World Championships for Veterans in Lisbon but there ...

Stories From Paris
Dany Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes is a name well known in France and beyond.

Stories From Paris
Loretta: the Grandmother of Judo

In Paris we have a wealth of judo royalty gathering, some working, some competing, some spectating.

Stories From Paris
It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

When an event has been this strong for half a century, the available stories and memories of interest ...

Coach Interview
Yvonne and Austria

Yvonne Boenisch, former Olympic champion, is now the Head Coach of Austrian Judo and we see her quietly ...

Without a Rush But Without a Pause

Heavy is the crown. It is not easy to assume the status of the favourite, nor is it easy to undergo an ...

Interview - Paula Pareto
Mental Judo

It is not a goodbye, rather a see you soon, because we do not usually lose contact with any judoka; it ...

World Judo Tour Judoka
Why Compete in Zagreb?

The dust has barely settled but Tokyo feels both far away and somehow still with us.

Zagreb Grand Prix: Day 2
Technical Analysis: Health, Fair Play and the Road to Paris

Dr Lisa Allan is the IJF Events Director and ultimately it is her responsibility to ensure all competitions ...

Zagreb Grand Prix: Interview
The Dutch Way

In Zagreb the teams are gathering and there is a noticeable changing of the guard.

Olympic Interview
Abe and Abe: an Impossible Record to Beat?

We are now a few weeks beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games and for some days there was calm in the ...

Plan B

You cannot live in the past but you must learn from it, because that is what it is for.