Qasaqstan Barysy GS
Technical Analysis, Day 2: A Fascinating Mix of Experience and Growth

Mr Jose Manuel Cortes (ESP) is now an IJF Referee Supervisor, having completed a glittering refereeing ...

Antalya GS 2024
Sanda Corak Has Many Reasons to Enjoy Judo

Dr Sanda Corak, is the president of the Croatian Judo Federation, an IJF EC member as Education Director, ...

International Women's Day 2024
We Share the Same Passion

Sanda Corak has several hats: president of the Croatian Judo Federation, IJF Executive Committee member, ...

Barbara Matic Recognised as the Most Successful Croatian Athlete of 2023

For its 30th jubilee, the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) organised a final ceremony of this outstanding ...

Judo for Children
Judo, a Catalyst for Moral and Emotional Development Among the Youth

Slavisa Bradic is a director of the IJF Military and Police Commission.

Cadet Worlds
IJF President Mr Marius Vizer, "Sport Inspires and Unites People"

The official opening ceremony is a chance for all to reflect on the enormity of the occasion.

Cadet Worlds
The First Global Step to Elite Judo

Since this morning, the Cadet World Championships Zagreb 2023 have begun in the Croatian capital after ...

The World’s Best Cadets Take Over the Tatami in Zagreb

Zagreb has been a fantastic host city throughout the 2023 Zagreb Grand Prix.

Zagreb GP
Diversity and Inclusion Everywhere to be Found in Zagreb

The final day of the Zagreb Grand Prix 2023 has come to a close with the heavyweights rounding out another ...

Zagreb GP
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Education, Tradition and Innovation are the Best of Friends

Olympic champion Urska Zolnir returned to judo in a new role some time ago and is enjoying feeling the ...

Zagreb GP
-60kg: Khalmatov Wins Through a Field of Debutants

With less experienced judoka arriving at the tatami in every round we have had the opportunity to see ...

Zagreb GP
We Can't Predict Anything, Except a Perfect Welcome From the Hosts

One hundred and ninety-two athletes warmed up to compete on day one in Zagreb.